WWW – Pre-Christmas Vacation Trip

I didn’t write a Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in post last week since I’m in a holding pattern until Harvey’s first birthday next month, but I figured a pre-vacation check-in was in order to keep me accountable for the last couple weeks of the year! We will be on vacation from the 19th-29th, and I really want to write my final check-in on Wednesday the 31st with the good news that I’ve successfully maintained my weight at slightly below pre-babies level and kept up with a decent amount of exercise to finish out the year. Wish me luck!

Progress on my goals for December:

  • Get my step count back up – at least 7,500 steps/day (currently at about 5,000)
    • Failing miserably. My FitBit charger died and it took me almost a week to get the new one so I have no idea what level my steps were at. UGH. Funny how when you wear a pedometer for so long you feel naked without it! I’m back at it now though and working on upping my weekly step count!
  • Work out 3x/week (currently at zero after doing so well at 5-6 so for long)
    • Doing pretty well at this. So far I’ve been doing workouts both Saturdays & Sundays and trying to do one more mid-week workout as well. While on vacation I’ll have access to my Mom’s elliptical machine, plus I’m sure my sister Audrey and SIL Katrina will do some workouts with me, so the tennis shoes are getting packed!
  • Track my food while in CO – eat mindfully while in MN & track if possible
    • Definitely not tracking, but I am eating mindfully, so my calories have been pretty on point anyway. I’m okay with this as long as my weight is staying steady, If it starts creeping up to 160# I’ll start religiously logging into MFP again.
  • Sleep at least 8 hrs/night. This is partially dependent upon the kids, partially dependent upon me going to bed early enough to make it happen. Sleep is so important to health though, and I’ve been letting that slide!
    • Working hard at not letting myself watch more than 1 show after the kids go to bed so that I’m in bed asleep by 9-9:30. So far it’s going pretty well! The kids’ sleep is still a crap shoot, but if I’m sleeping early enough I can usually get a decent amount of sleep in either way.
  • Keep my weight in the 157-158# range. Once Harvey hits 1 year on Jan 12th & I’m not worried about my milk supply, I’m going to ramp up on my weight loss & fitness goals though!
    • Doing well so far! Sticking in the 158s, so I need to work on seeing 157s on the scale again, but I’m happy with my maintenance mode right now. 

FullSizeRenderRemember – I’m 5’8″ and medium build:

2009.11 – 172# – Highest weight of adult life; my line in the sand
2010.06 – 152# – 10 yr class reunion; feeling great
2011.01 – 167# – Height of infertility weight gain
2011.04 – 161# – BFP#1!
2011.12 – 186# – 38w0d/Stella’s birthday
2012.01 – 161# – 6w postpartum
2012.02 – 155# – 13w postpartum
2013.05 – 161# – BFP#2!
2014.01 – 181# – 40w4d/Harvey’s birthday
2014.03 – 162# – 2m postpartum
2014.05 – 168# – 4m postpartum (eating/drinking my way through grief after my SIL died)
2014.08 – 158# – 11m postaprtum (I’ve basically maintained this since Aug. 2014)


  1. How much was the replacement charger? I have to figure out how to get a new clip.

    Good luck maintaining throughout the holidays. I’m really hoping to do the same!

    1. I got it for $15 on eBay – they are $20 new. https://www.fitbit.com/store#accessories They have clips for $15

      1. Oooh yay! Thank you for the link!!

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