WWW – January 2015 Goals

I won’t call these New Year’s Resolutions, because really, this is just another month in my journey to live a healthier life. With that being said, Harvey is turning one on Monday (how in the world is that possible?!), and I AM ready to step it up and feel great in my body again, so here is my plan for January to get back into the routine of a healthy lifestyle!

  • I joined another DietBet with a goal of losing 4% loss in 4 weeks <– 6.3#, totally doable after the holiday bloat. I’ve already gone from 164.8# last Wednesday to 158.7# this morning, a loss of 6.1#!
  • Make Mason Jar salads on Sundays to eat for lunches throughout the week <– I’m 3 days in and loving these salads so far! I’ll do a more in depth post later.
  • Track my calories with MyFitnessPal <– Doing great!
  • Average 30 minutes of exercise per day (930 minutes for the month).  <– So far so good!
  • Get 7,500 steps/day on my FitBit – no excuses <– This has been HARD due to weather & fatigue, but I’ve been doing it!)
  • Drink more water, less beer. The never ending goal. 🙂 <– always a work in progress. Ha!

This morning I put on a pair of skinny jeans that I haven’t even attempted to wear since I was 151# pre-kids. Today I was 158.7# POST 2 kids, and though I had to had use the hair tie trick in order to avoid some serious muffin top, it felt damn good to put those jeans on again! I want those jeans to be LOOSE on me in the next few months!


  1. Yeah, the holiday bloat was not fun! I still have no idea how I gained 4 pounds in 8 days. Good god. I dropped my 4 pounds this week, so I’m happy. Quick gain = quick loss with effort. 6# is a lot! I bet you’re thrilled to have it off!

    So with that dietbet, did you weigh in before you dropped those 6 pounds? Would be nice to call that done, huh? 🙂

    I’m anxious to see you succeed at this!

    1. I did weigh in before the weight started coming back off, so that’s nice. 🙂 It’s good motivation to keep that off and lose some MORE though!

  2. Good for you for setting these goals. I have some in mind as well and need to write them down. One involves cooking more dinners for the family. I clicked through on the mason jar link and found a plethora of ideas for next week. So thanks!!

    Also, I know you said on another post that you hate your thighs, and I know nothing I say will change that, but you really do look great.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been LOVING the mason jar salads so far. I’m glad you found some good recipes as well!

  3. CHOOSE to love your strong healthy beautiful body, no matter what you weigh!! Seriously. Train your brain to go down a different path. Instead of hating your thighs, practice gratitude that your legs take you where you want to go. Count your blessings, in other words. Unsolicited advice from your mother. 😉 You look wonderful. I’m so happy that you are making a healthy body a priority. Good health pretty much trumps literally everything else as the years march on!

    1. Ha, I know Mom. I can be thankful for my legs without wearing clothing that highlights that particular part of my body. 🙂

  4. mcmissis · · Reply

    I really like those jeans on you. Now, get those boots you were talking about and you’ll feel FANTASTIC in them. Seriously, I wear my boots every single day, and it’s the only thing that makes me feel put-together.

    And Harvey’s one next week 🙁

    1. Yep, I’m kicking cute boots up the priority list for me. Jaime was helping me pick out a pair last year just before she died and it just never happened. *sigh* Time to do it though and try to channel what her advice would have been. 😉

  5. Love that yellow scarf and love those jeans. WANT those jeans.

    The convo we have been having on mason jar salads and oatmeal has gotten me to pull the trigger on juicing. Bought a shit ton of produce today and will be juicing the shit out of it to freeze this afternoon. A day of work for a week of mega-healthy juice (or breakfast, or lunch)? Woohoo!

    1. The scarf belonged to Jaime. I think of her every time I wear it. 🙂 Also, the rip on the knee used to be smaller…just got bigger over time. Oops! I do love the jeans though!

  6. Cute jeans! Your stomach looks great 1 year post Partum! You’re inspiring!

  7. The Redhead · · Reply

    That’s so funny you posted about the salads – I just saw a similar post on another website a week or so ago and bought a bunch of ingredients over the weekend! Of course, a sick kid and a horrible, crazy week back to work after the holidays sort of derailed my plans to start it this week, but I’m doing it next week! Good to know you are liking them.

    1. Yep! Took some time to prep the 1st time b/c I was figuring out portions and calories counts, but I can see how it will be quicker each time. I ate my 4th salad today (thursday) prepped Sunday, and it was still fresh and delicious!

  8. You look great!

    I need to try those mason jar salads. And get back in the habit of eating one with dinner most nights!

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