The Monday Snapshot – Big Helper Edition

Stella LOVES to help Harvey with…well, everything. Sometimes the help is appreciated, sometimes not so much, but it’s always pretty darn cute. 🙂



  1. Aww Such a great big sis! 🙂 Lids is counting down the days (8 to go) until Ezzie is eating and she can help feed her. She already helps with EVERYTHING else.. and like you said.. whether it is appreciated or not 😉

  2. Ben had Ava put a clean diaper on Paxton today. She loved it!!! I am now nervous she is going to try to do the whole thing when I am not watching.

  3. kaseypowers · · Reply

    I love that she loves to help. Simon likes Caleb ok, but way more fighting and shoving than helping over here.

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