The Monday Snapshot – Valentine’s Day Loves

Those of you who have been around here awhile know that Charlie and I are most definitely not big on celebrating Hallmark holidays. Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day – you name it, we probably don’t celebrate it with anything more than a photo. (Because you KNOW I must have a photo!)

Valentine’s Day is no exception to this rule for us. He bought me a bouquet of red roses long ago — probably on our first or second anniversary of dating (our first date was 10 years ago yesterday!), but since then I told him a bouquet of flowers would mean a lot more to me if they were (1) not generic red roses, and (2) on a random day instead of a “required” day. I’d much rather we just spend some quality time together, since that’s my love language. He happily obliges. 😉


Last weekend I took a few pics of the kids in red & pink to send to their Grandparents (because OF COURSE), and other than that we just spent Valentine’s Day having fun together as a family! We watched some Skijoring in a town about an hour from here and had a nice soak at the hotsprings afterwards. So much fun!




  1. I don’t know which image in this post I like better 🙂

  2. We aren’t big holiday celebrators here either. However, we always do something for the boys. I love this picture of your kids, so adorable!

  3. I’m with you- holidays just aren’t our thing, and I would rather save money and go out when it’s less crowded! Adorable picture!

  4. Valentine’s Day has kind of turned “blah” since we had kids 🙂 this year the boys spent the day at Granma’s but Hubby and I ended up driving around mindlessly waiting for my car to get fixed and went on a hunt for waterproof kids gloves. We did enjoy a quiet lunch at Olive Garden though 🙂

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