WWW – February Fitness Check-In

Well, as usual the month is flying by! As I did a workout with the kids this morning (it’s my day off), I decided I should write a quick post to keep me on track and accountable!

  • Mental Health: Take a page from my Mom’s book – slow & steady wins the race.
    • I’m doing well with this, especially now that my first postpartum period is over and I’m a little less emotional! I finally saw 159.9 on the scale this morning, and I really want to stay in the 150s again from now on.
  • Nutrition: Continue to make mason jar salads and only drink beer 2-3x/week.
    • I’m still making my salads every week and doing great with them! However, I’m probably still drinking more often than I should, but at least Charlie and I have both been cutting back and having NB (no beer) days together. Baby steps. 🙂
  • Fitness: Average 30m exercise/day & get 7,500 steps/day on my Fitbit.
    • I’m averaging 28m/day right. That means I’m one 30m workout short, so today I’m going to do 60m to get back on track. Also, 12/17 days I’ve hit the 7,500 mark, and I’m getting about 7,900 steps/day, so not too bad.

I love that the kids always want to work out with me!


  1. I <3 beer. =) Good for you for having NB days!!!

  2. I forgot until yesterday and saw my steps after playing outside with the girls that I get waaaay fewer steps when I push the stroller than when I wear Poppy. Grrrrr >:/ I’m going to actually have to start trying hard to get to 10,000 now. We’ll see if I do it haha

  3. A few NB days are better than all beer days! Yay for seeing 150s on the scale! I need to get back to pole. Between being really sick and bad weather closing the studio, fitness hasn’t really been happening around here lately 🙂

  4. Oh man… one of the kids in this house holding the weights ALWAYS ends with screaming because they dropped it on their foot. Always. Every time. Mrrrrrrrrp.

    I need to get on writing that beer post. It’s been helpful to talk with you about it. You can win this NB contest!!!

  5. My hubby brews his own beer, we currently have 2 half kegs of home brew in extra fridge, outside. He is eating everything I am on the Whole 30, but still has his beer. So far, he’s lost 5 pounds! Kinda pisses me off because I’m not drinking anything, but yet he’s lost more than me. 🙂
    You are doing awesome, and I love that your kids workout with you!

  6. OMG your kids with the weights are SO CUTE!

  7. Ha. We have no drinking days too. I can’t figure out when or how or why we managed to go from have big some drinks thurs-sun to having a couple drinks every single night. Must’ve been infertility and adoption waits. Yep. I’ll blame it on that. Way to go on everything else. Yep slow and steady…

    1. Right? Same here. I’m totally blaming it on the IF. 😉

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