Stitch Fix Box #3

Calling all opinions! After last month’s Stitch Fix post, I realized I should have asked y’all for input before sending items back, so this month I’m asking for feedback first and deciding what to keep second. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about the items on me! I definitely struggle with feeling like things aren’t flattering on my torso, but then I realize that this IS my shape & size right now (and basically has been for the past 4 years of pregnancy & postpartum times), so I need to realign my ideas of what shirts are going to look like on me right now until I get the balls to really make a change in my life that will be reflected in my physique. My belly is squishier and my hips and butt are bigger and yeah… I need to find clothing that flatters that while I work on getting fit again. Blerg. More about that in another post. Today I want to talk about clothing and outfits and fashion and all of these things that I’m suddenly feeling interested in again for the first time in a long time!

I had told my stylist (Gina) that I was planning on going to Denver for a girls’ weekend in March, so she sent me some items to wear for a weekend away. Skinny jeans, three tops and a scarf were the items in my box.


The first clothing item I put on from this box were the Adorra Skinny Jeans (Just Black – $88). I’ve long wanted a really dark pair of jeans, but I haven’t found the right pair yet, usually because of (1) the muffin top look, or (2) the length (almost always too short). These are a little tight on my belly, but I’m working on that, and the length is actually pretty good, so I’m on the fence about these. You’ll see them in the pics below…

First I pulled on the Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt (Olive & Oak – $48) with them. Good lord this shirt FEELS good on my body. Something about the fabric is awesome – silky smooth rayon I guess? I tried it with the dark skinny jeans (item above!) and my lighter wash bootcut jeans, and I actually liked it both ways. I’ve always avoided horizontal stripes in the past, but lately I’ve been digging on them. Smart or no? My one negative about this shirt is it’s hand wash / line dry. Why does everything I like lately have to be special care items? Wait, I’m growing up and not wearing all 100% cotton? Oh ya, got it. 😉


Next I grabbed the Oakley Lace Trim Sweater (Le Lis – $44). The color is okay, I liked it better with the scarf added, but I feel like the lace hits me a little low and just accentuates my thighs at their widest point. Is that right or is it just me not used to wearing that length? Thoughts? I also tried this on with my black dress pants and liked it better than with jeans; I just forgot to put that photo in this group. Oops.


By the suggestion of the stylist, I also put on the Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf (Octavia – $28) with the sweater above. Just like the Octavai scarf from my first fix, I totally loved it. It’s a nice mid-weight scarf, I love the color (I’m a pink freak, and since I own a ton of solid dark colored tops, it’s be nice to give them a pop of color with this). I’m debating how many scarves I really need in my life, but I really like this one, so…?


The final shirt I grabbed from my box was the Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse (Pixley – $48). I wanted to like this, I really did (Stella LOVED the hearts!), but… I just don’t know. She suggested pairing this shirt with skinny jeans and tall boots, but I didn’t like the fit of it enough to even go pull out my boots. Gah. I just feel like it’s a silky tent on me. Is there something I’m not seeing? This is pretty firmly a “no” for me.

StitchFix#3-2 (2)

What I’m still loving about this monthly box:

  • The styling suggestion card – it is SO helpful for me to see different ways to wear each item.
  • The cost: I was afraid of the $20 fee at first, but really that’s not so much and since it goes towards the price of your purchase if you make one, I feel like it’s very reasonable in reality to pay $20 to have someone pick out the items and send them to your door for you to try on!
  • The price point of items is adjustable. Right now I have it (roughly) set so my shirts are in the $40s, jeans in the $80s, and accessories in the $20s. Totally doable and worth it for quality items.
  • A few of you have signed up through my link, and that gave me $25 credits which was SO much appreciated! Thank you!

So there ya go… feedback welcome ladies. Are the jeans worth it or not? Do I need another scarf? Should I keep any of the tops? Help! Money & clutter is a concern as always, so I don’t want to buy something that’s not worth it, and I have to “check out” by Thursday, so there’s a deadline on this. I’ll definitely update y’all with what I do! Thanks so much for the help!


  1. The blue and white shirt (the one that you weren’t in love with), I liked the most. I could see it with skinny jeans and boots. I didn’t like the color of the middle shirt, it was bland. The first shirt was cute, but not $44 cute.

    The scarf is cute but too expensive. You can find scarves just as cute on Zulilly for a fraction of the price.

    The jeans were great but again, that price bit me. lol.

  2. Try Old Navy Jeans! Also Levi’s. They are the best for me and my mommy body so I always start there first. You may have luck in Target too.

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    I like the striped shirt and dark jeans on you. The lace trim sweater doesn’t seem like you very much. I’d DEFINITELY wear it; it just seems more like me than you. But it’s super pretty, so if you do like it, then get it! Get the pink scarf; it’s a lovely color on you. No on the heart shirt. I think the hearts with the shape of it make it seem like a maternity shirt.

    And about the squishy belly, Gracie literally told me this morning that she wished my belly was a trampoline she could jump on bc it’s so squishy. So nice to hear when you’re walking out the door :/

  4. elizabeth · · Reply

    I really like the skinny jeans & the stripped top. And the scarf is cute too! I’ve enjoyed your (and a few others by Bloggers I follow) Stitch fix reviews so I’m expecting my first box next week.

  5. I love the heart shirt too! I like the stripe shirt because it is longer in the back and I am self conscious about my pants being too low and my back/butt exposed!

    I like the jeans too. The scarf is very pretty but can probable fine a lesser expansive one similar to it somewhere else. But I am too cheap to buy scarfs.

    I am not a fan of the lacy shirt. It looks good but I just the length of the lace was weird.

    I got my first box mid-february! I loved it and got one top. I meant to blog but I was in a rush and my pictures are too blurry. Did you get the referral credit?

    1. Boo! No, i didn’t get a credit. Doesn’t even show you signed up under me? Do you mind shooting them an email to see what’s up? I’m glad you liked your first box!

      1. I felt that it didn’t work right. I will happy too. I emailed you some questions.

  6. I like the striped shirt and jeans too. The second shirt, there’s just something about that lace – it doesn’t even look connected to the shirt. Maybe it’s just coming across that way in the pictures, but it seems like the fabric connecting the two should have been a different color. I think the scarf is really pretty and what about tucking in the heart shirt? Would that make it look better to you? I know what you mean about it feeling like a tent. That style of shirt is very in right now but I’ve avoided them so far for the same reason.

  7. Ohh I hope you ask our advice every time now. This is fun! 🙂 Okay, so I really like the dark skinny jeans and think they look great on you. But for me my only thing would be that the price is way more than I like to spend on… well anything ha! I have a pair of dark skinny jeans from Old Navy that I love and they were $20 so if you decide not to go with this jeans, maybe take a look at Old Navy and see how they feel for a fraction of the price because they actually are very comfy! Order 1 size larger than your usual size though.. at least that was the case for me.

    Okay, now I love that striped top and if the weather was cool enough here, I would want it myself. It looks so comfy and cute! I love the mixture of colours too. The whole look of it just seems like it would cost more than an Old Navy top to me so I actually think it does seem worth the price (yes, all of my clothes… yes ALL of them, come from old navy). And I just think it suits you!

    The lace one… blah. I don’t really like it in general plus I don’t think it is ‘you’… and the lace just seems kind of odd. I’d send that one back.

    The scarf is really pretty. That colour definitely suits you!! Like others, I may look elsewhere for one the same colour and cheaper but if you tell yourself that it is the last scarf purchase for a while, maybe treat yourself to that one to save hunting another cheaper one down.

    And the heart shirt, I would say No. It looks pretty on you but I don’t know.. I just don’t love hearts in general on adult clothing and don’t think it really pops as something you would love… and it sounds like you didn’t, so send it back.

    That was fun. And now I want new clothes!! (Off to the Oldnavy website I go! 😉 )

    1. LOL. I love how excited you were! I have a lot of stuff from Old Navy, but jeans are really hard for me from there b/c their regular length pants are always WAY too short, and they have long length options online, but I hate paying shipping and then messing around with returning them because it’s so hard to find jeans that fit right. Gah. I’ll pay a good amount of money for well fitting jeans because they’re so hard to come by!

  8. Yes on the jeans.
    No on the tops.
    Yes on the scarf.

    My opinion 🙂

    1. Second this exactly

      1. Third this! The striped top was nice but not for 48!!!

        1. I agree on all of this! I love that striped top, but $48? No, I don’t think I could do it. If it was a sweater, yes, but a knit top, no.

    2. When I first read yesterday, I thought I would be the lone dissenter on the stripped top. I don’t think it does anything for you – sorry. 🙁

      The JEANS though! Keep those. Love the scarf and how you plan to use it with your existing wardrobe.

  9. nonsequiturchica · · Reply

    I like the jeans, the striped top, and the scarf. There is something odd about the sweater and the blue & white top is not flattering.

  10. The jeans, striped top and the scarf. I so wish we had this in Canada!!

  11. the jeans look great on you! Striped top = same. The sweater looks good with the scarf, but I agree the lace seems to hit you in an unflattering spot and the eye is drawn to it. :/ the heart top looks pretty baggy last ke it’s supposed to have more shape. Did you try tucker no in the front? I find that helps so much with shirts like that. Scarf is super cute. Does that help? 🙂

    1. Heart shirt- tucking in the front is what I meant!

  12. I say yes on the jeans and scarf. The olive (I think) top with the lace is actually a really pretty color on you with your eyes, but I am with you on the lace. Just an awkward length for anyone. I think you will really enjoy the jeans and scarf though!

  13. I think this would be really cute on you with skinnies and ballet flats or skinnies and boots. I actually have on today in black at work. It is a really versatile piece and the embroidery on it is really pretty. Washes well, too. I don’t mind “investing” in pieces that can be worn multiple ways year round.

  14. Not a fan of the lace trim, love the scarf and the jeans and on the fence with the blue. I like it but not sure if I love it. Hearts looked like a pj top 🙂

    1. Oh that heart shirt…. what were they thinking? They might as well have sent a sweater with a cat on it!

      1. I know! I love how all of us have had pretty similar views!

        1. I LOVE that top!!! You girls are crazy!! 😉

        2. Court this gal be cray cray 😂😂

  15. I would keep the dark skinnys and the scarf. That scarf color is great for spring, and no you can’t have too many scarves. Because you can pair it with an inexpensive target tank or tee. I kinda like the heart shirt, I think it would look great with just the front tucked in loosely with a belt and your tall boots and a sparkley accent jewelry. Either a metallic belt or a long necklace. Do you wear gold? I feel like it would be really pretty with your skin tone.

    Pants and scarf for sure! 🙂 pants are very flattering on you!

  16. Yes on the jeans!! For sure!! The heart shirt is a no for me. The sweater is cute, but I think the lace part comes down too far and that’s why it seems off. The striped shirt looks comfy 🙂

    I like seeing what you get in your boxes!

  17. I read this right away even though I didn’t come back to comment for awhile 😉 I actually like the sweater with the lace thing. Yes on the scarf and jeans. Meh on the stripes. This is fun!

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