February Recap + Fitness Goals for March 2015

February Fitness Goals Recap

  • Mental Health: Take a page from my Mom’s book – slow & steady wins the race.
    • Well, it was slow… not so much steady? But it was a chill month for me with food & drink overall, so that’s good.
  • Nutrition: Continue to make mason jar salads and only drink beer 2-3x/week.
    • Did great with the salads (I eat them every weekday still!), drank less than before, but still drank more than 2-3x/week.
  • Fitness: Average 30m exercise/day & get 7,500 steps/day on my Fitbit.
    • I did it! Not sure how, but I averaged exactly 30min of dedicated exercise a day and 7,503 steps/day. Wahoo!

My weight went from 161.6# to 159.9# in February, but it all honesty it pretty much vacillated between those two ranges throughout the entire month. I’m glad I ended in the 150s though, and I really want to try to stay in that range or lower from now on.

March Goals

  • Work on my diastasis recti – for real this time. After doing some research, it looks like Fit2B is the place to start for some great diastasis recti exercises. The workouts are 10-30 minutes long, and everything I’ve read/heard from friends is that it feels like you’re doing not doing much but that the exercises are super effective if you DO them… so that’s my specific goal. Awhile back I tried the Five Foundational Routines, so now I’m going to follow their Beginning Workout Path and let you know what I think!
  • Track my calories in MFP again. I can maintain without tracking – I cannot lose consistently without tracking. That’s just my reality. Annoying, but true.

Here we go again!


  1. Oooh do let me know how the diastasis stuff goes… mine is getting worse and worse bc I just don’t care enough to do anything about it at the moment… but it would be more motivating to know that what I did would actually fix it.. I went through the whole tupler program twice and, well, I still have a three-finger gap. boo!

  2. I clicked over the Fit2B site to look around, but I can’t get a good idea of what exactly the exercises are… do you know if they’re at all similar to hypopressives? If so, I recommend them SO. MUCH. I didn’t have diastasis recti, but I did hypopressives as part of my post-partum exercise classes and I loved them – definitely didn’t feel like I was doing much, but I felt huge benefits in my posture, etc. Anyway, hope you like these classes and stick with them! I have fallen off the workout bus these past few months and I know I need to get back at it. My back is killing me and I just feel soft. Maybe as the weather improves…

  3. Way to go! I hear you on MFP. When I don’t track I’m in trouble.

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