Stitch Fix Box #3 – The Keepers & The Rejects

Thank you guys so much for all of your opinions and advice on my post on Tuesday! Fashion is obviously NOT my strong suit, and it’s nice to hear what y’all think of different pieces on me from an outsider’s perspective.

I’ve decided that for every piece of clothing I add to my closet, I want to ask myself how it makes me feel. Does it make me happy? Then it has a chance. Otherwise, nope. I don’t need to add more “meh” items to my repertoire just because they’re the right price point or because I feel obligated or because they almost fit the bill of something I want in my closet.

When I looked at the items this way, the grey sweater with lace that hit me at an odd spot and the tent-shaped maternity looking silky shirt both got returned no questions asked. Really not my style, didn’t fit awesome, and just not worth it, especially with the mostly negative feed back from you guys as well!

That brings me to the final three items in this month’s box. The striped shirt FELT so damn good when I put it on. I really did like it & liked the colors in it, but the cut of it / pattern on it didn’t really do me any favors. I liked it, and if I already owned it I would wear it, but it didn’t seem worth $48 for a shirt that didn’t make me feel awesome in it. Returned.

The dark skinny jeans are absolutely an item I want to add to my closet, and I’m totally willing to drop cash on a well fitting pair of jeans. I detest shopping for jeans, and this is no exception. When it came down to it, the pants were just too tight on my midsection, and for $88, I want to feel awesome when I pull them on (like I felt with the first pair of jeans they sent). I’m going to check out ThredUp* since they now have free returns and see if I can find anything there for cheaper. 🙂

And that brings us to the scarf. I loved the color from the moment I saw it, it will go well with existing pieces in my wardrobe, and if I wasn’t going to get anything else from my box, I felt good about spending an additional $8 to get this scarf (since the $20 stylist fee applies towards any purchases you make). Sold! SF_Scarf

Thanks again for all of the help & feedback – that was fun to hear from everyone!

*We both get $10 to spend at ThredUp if you use my link to sign up.

**I also get a $25 credit if you sign up for a Stitch Fix box through my link. Signing up does NOT mean you have to schedule a box right away. You can look around and get a feel for it. If you do ship a box, then I get a credit, and if you refer anyone, the same applies to you!


  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    How does Charlie like the new additions to your wardrobe? Has he noticed? Have you told him? Has he said anything about the cost? Calvin buys clothes for himself constantly, and I never do; so I’m sure he’d notice and be happy hahaha

    1. He actually HAS noticed and complimented me on the new pieces. Honestly, in the 10 years we’ve been together, I’ve spent VERY little on clothing (nothing compared to him for sure!), so this is new for me (and doesn’t bother him at all), PLUS, I I’ve still only spent $159 over 3 months on this (that has paid for 2 scarves, 2 nice shirts, 1 necklace, and 3 styling fees). I won’t continue to buy stuff every month forever, but it’s kind of fun to get a few new things now that I’m coming out of the fog of 4 years of pregnancy & nursing and having to wear clothes that accommodated that!

  2. I love the scarf. It’s a great color and looks great on you. I’m kind of obsessed with scarves–they’re easy and add just enough color to any outfit. And I’m sure people tell you this all the time, but you have the best smile!

  3. I absolutely ADORE that scarf – fabulous color and I really like the motif. Perfect for spring. And I am really obsessed with scarves.

    Also, I never got around to commenting on the first post, but a good decision to return the shirts. I really loved the blue shirt with the hearts and I LIVE in shirts like that these days, but I agree that it wasn’t flattering on you.

    Finally, do you have an H&M near you at all? I’m guessing not, but maybe you could stop in when you’re in Denver soon? I LOVE a line of jeans they have called, I think, “Super stretch skinny jeans.” I have them in grey, black, and dark wash and wear them ALL the time. (They also have some patterns and in the spring/summer they usually also have bright colors like green and red.) They tend to be folded on a table as opposed to hanging somewhere. And they’re cheap – like around 20€, so I’m guessing somewhere in the $20-30 range. I know you want quality stuff, but honestly these are awesome (and always too long on me…).

    1. Closest H&M is Denver (before that it was STL or MSP I think?), but that’s a good idea to visit there next time I’m up there. I LOVED shopping there when I lived in France.

      1. I ❤️ my HnM super skinnies! I have them in a light denim. Super flattwrinf

  4. Flattering even

  5. Love the scarf! And now you’ve turned me onto ThredUp. That’s an awesome site!

    1. Yeah, like new stuff, but for WAY cheaper. It’s awesome!

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