When I was in jr. high, my homeroom teacher called me “Mambles” because he said I mumbled & rambled all day long. The last time I wrote a mambling post was 4.5 years ago, so without further ado…here are a few of my mamblings today.

  • I just booked a plane ticket to visit my sister in Ohio in May. We are spending 2 days at her place (I finally get to see where she lives and works!) and then taking a road trip to Chicago so I can meet her boyfriend, and we are going to go to a couple of baseball games at Wrigley Field. I am SOOOOO excited!
  • Harvey quit nursing 9 days ago (I really need to write a post about this, too). 7 days ago he was crying inconsolably and so sick that I offered him my breast, just to see if it would help. He literally latched for only a split second before giving me the funniest look, seemingly completely confused why he would ever want my boob in his mouth. How in the world do they forget something so quickly that was such a huge part of their lives?
  • During said fit above, Harvey gave himself a serious black eye around 1am early Monday morning. I haven’t been able to get a good pic of it (especially the part on his eyelid), but it was seriously impressive. Poor kid.
  • We drank a shitload of beer and stayed up until 1am last Saturday at the hockey tournament. It was fun, but man oh man, Charlie and I were talking on Sunday about how we are too old for that. Funny part is that we were the YOUNGEST people there – so maybe it’s just the fact that we have young kids that we couldn’t handle it? Everyone else was in their 40s-50s and partying like rockstars. Ouch!
  • I’m having lots of thoughts regarding quantity vs. quality of exercise and how my FitBit isn’t necessarily affecting that in a good way for me. More on that next week I think.
  • I deposited Jaime’s tax refund checks into the kids’ college savings accounts yesterday. The Feds got it right but the state fucked up and put her name on the check instead of mine. It definitely gave me a sick pit in my stomach when I saw “pay to Jaime” on that check. Thankfully our little local bank said they’d accept it anyway (it was a whopping $57) so I didn’t have to call the state and try to get it fixed. I walked out in tears. I think it’s the final piece of her life that was left for us to handle.


  1. Last Friday I went to the bank to close out Grandpa and Grandma’s accounts. While the teller was busy doing the paperwork I suddenly had tears rolling down my face. I had no idea how to stop crying. I was trying not to actually sob out loud. The teller glanced up…stopped what she was doing and without a word handed me some Kleenex she had in a box by her desk. I whispered…because that was all I could manage…”my parents” I tapped my finger on the two account statements. She nodded and kept on doing what she was doing and eventually I realized that she had tears running down her face, also. She finished up and got her own Kleenex, then said “My Mom died eight years ago, this time of year.” There was something both powerful and peaceful about that moment.

  2. Jos, I felt sick to my stomach thinking about you having to handle those checks. But it’s so lovely that they went towards your children’s college funds. What a terrible loss your family has suffered. Sending so much love to you all.

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    That green shirt is so cute on him. That’s hilarious about him thinking your boob was crazy 🙂

  4. That’s one nasty injury! Poor little dude. Hoping the transition out of nursing has been gentle for you – that’s a hard one when it’s not your decision (and even when it is). I know what you mean about the FitBit – I’ve been thinking about that as well. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  5. That’s nice Jaime’s refund is going towards your kiddos. She loved them so much.

    Curious about your Fitbit. I feel like I need a lot of different posts from you! Yes, nursing too! Please do elaborate on all!

    Oh I wish I had time to blog! So much swirling in my head. I need to write a mambling post too! I hope your teacher said that in the most endearing way! Lol!

    1. Oh Ya – Mr Anderson was awesome. We were buds 🙂

  6. Why is his hair laying down? That is totally unacceptable! 😉

    Ugh on both the nursing and Jaime’s check.

  7. He looks so different in that picture, from that angle! Wow! They change and grow so quickly!!

    Ugh about the check. I’m sorry you had to do that and that there was a hiccup to boot. Glad it’s taken care of finally, and that it went to such a good cause.

    My mom called (and calls) me mumblemouth. 😉

  8. slm1441 · · Reply

    Holy cow does Harvey look like a platinum blond in that picture! Is that his natural color or did the camera play a trick on me??

    Shannon (sitting in a tree)

    1. He’s pretty darn blonde 🙂 We call him our towhead. My brother and sister were platinum blonde for many years as kids, and Charlie and I were both pretty blonde the first few years as well. We’ll see if it sticks around!

  9. Hugs!! It’s wonderful that those checks will go towards the college funds.

    I’m looking forward to your FitBit post! I’ve been thinking lately: sometimes the best work outs aren’t the ones Involving a lot of steps. I can do a great pole work one day out and only log 5000 total steps for the day or I can go for a 30 minute walk and not feel like I worked out and log 10000 steps that day.

  10. kaseypowers · · Reply

    I look forward to your thoughts on the end of nursing. I’m really struggling as I have several trips coming up that will be minimum 2 days & nights away. My overnight last week was fine…
    So sorry about Jamie.

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