Stitch Fix Box #4 – Meh

I don’t know if my knee jerk reaction to this box is because it’s outside of my normal color palette or because I’m not feeling like spending money this month or because I’m feeling fat because I’ve put on a few pounds since weaning Harvey, but whatever it is, I’m not loving this box. I’m curious if you guys will agree with me or not. So far my first fix was my favorite (I loved 4 of 5 items), so I’m going to mention that to them in my review this month to see if they can get back towards that direction a bit for me!


The initial stack when I took it out of the box. I forgot to take another photo of the necklace, so this is the best look you’ll get at it. Sorry!

FYI – I’m typing this post up quickly at work because the hard drive of my computer crashed last week, so the photos were quick iPhone pics put into frames with an app. Gah. I hate computer issues! I have to “check out” by Thursday, so I’m interested in your opinions asap again. Thanks! 🙂

First I pulled on the Trinidad Chevron Print Henley Top (41 Hawthorn – $48). It’s a different cut than I normally wear, but I actually liked the chevron pattern and aqua/teal color (it photographed kind of blue, but it’s more teal). It would make a good semi-casual work shirt with either jeans or slacks. I also put on the necklace in the last shot below – Trisha Clover Charm Layering Necklace (Bancroft – $32).


I had the necklace on in the 3rd pic above, but you can barely see it, and I forgot to take a close up, oops!

Next I pulled on the Beckett Graphic Print V-Neck Blouse (41 Hawthorn – $48). I see now that they’re the same brand, and I could definitely tell. Same fabric and draping. Not my favorite, but it actually photographed better than I felt it looked in person. I wish they’d have given me a different brand instead of 2 of the same though.


Why do I stand so awkwardly in photos?!

Then I pulled on the Giovanni Straight Leg Jean (Level 99 – $98). My stylist picked them for the length, and they were actually much better length than the pair they sent last month, but thanks to a few extra pounds of pudge from weaning Harvey, I felt like a sausage in them. They also keep sending me jeans with 30″ waists instead of 31″ like my profile says. Maybe I just need to stick to boot cut & boyfriend jeans for summer? I like skinnys well enough with boots, but proportionally I just don’t think they do anything for me with flats. What do you think?


Super tight. I won’t spent $100 on pants that don’t make me feel great, sorry. 😛

I also pulled on the final item with this outfit, the Pinson Drape Cardigan (Brixon Ivy – $54). I liked this cardigan just fine – it was comfortable and (I think?) flattering, but I’m not sure it’s worth $54.


More awkward selfies, you’re welcome!

So there you go – Box #4. Do you guys think I should keep anything in this box? I’m keeping one thing max because of finances, so tell me your pick below! I’m still loving the service as a concept, even if this box wasn’t my favorite. I think I need to tinker with my style profile a bit in order to give them better feedback and work on feeling better in my body again, and both of those things should help with next month’s box. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who signed up through my link below – it helps me pay for the monthly stylist fee which goes towards my purchase if I keep anything!

*We both get $10 to spend at ThredUp if you use my link to sign up.
*I  get a $25 credit if you sign up for a Stitch Fix box through my link. Signing up does NOT mean you have to schedule a box right away. You can look around and get a feel for it. If you do ship a box, then I get a credit, and if you refer anyone, the same applies to you!



After reading through your comments, I decided to keep the cardigan. It’s more versatile in my wardrobe to layer for work or date nights, I don’t have anything like it, and it was definitely flattering. Thanks again for all the input!


Wearing it to work this morning!


  1. I really like the first chevron top! Super cute
    I was not a fan of the cardigan and the necklace…the second tank was ok…

  2. I like the first shirt the best, followed by the cardigan.

  3. If it were me, I wouldn’t buy any. :/ I think they actually all look pretty good on you, especially the chevron too and the cardigan, but those are “love it” rather than “okay” price points for me. I signed up for stich fix, I *think* through your link, and I LOVED my first box, though I kept only two items

    1. Gah, accidentally posted. Anyway, I hope they send you more stuff that you love next month!

    2. Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m thinking. They’re like it items at love it prices.

  4. I actually like the second top – would look really cute with denim shorts and sandals in the summer. I like the cardy, nearly bought one for myself. I know stuff is more expensive in Oz so that price sounds reasonable to me but if you could buy it cheaper I would. I still think you are a stunner though x

    1. ps much to my sadness chevron on way out. noooooooo.

    2. So, I said I never agree with anyone, but just reread the comments and realized I agree with Chon. No surprise there. Chon, come to Madrid and we’ll go shopping, okay?? 😉

      (P.S. Jos, you come too!!)

      1. Except no love hearts … Kay? 😂😂

  5. I really like the first top, but I’m not sure I’d pay $48 for it. But I’m cheap.

    I also like the necklace. I love that length, and I think it’s cute.

    I wish Stitch Fix went over size 14. I’ve been a solid size 16 for years. 🙁

  6. I think the first top looks great but on the small side- it looks too short. The cardigan is really cute and fun, so I’d go for that if you liked it enough.

  7. I agree that it isn’t the greatest of boxes. I probably wouldn’t get any of them just because, like A said above, for those prices I would need to love the items. They look good on you (what doesn’t?!) but I don’t love them and sounds like you don’t either. But as far as each item goes, I think the first top and cardigan are just okay. The necklace is hard to tell.. looks nice enough, but too expensive. And then I actually think that the jeans in one size bigger would look really good on you! Well I mean even in that photo they do but I can tell just at the waist they are too tight but I think they suit you and I love that dark colour. However, they are expensive. Would be nice to try them in a size bigger though I think but I don’t know how it works with trying a same item, new size? Might feel like a waste of a new box item. Anyway, finally I think the sleeveless top is most my own style which has nothing to do with anything other than it is the item I would most likely get if it were my box. So, overall, I would probably skip it this month but sit aside that little chunk of money you allowing yourself ($40ish?) and put that to next month if there is an item you really love that is maybe a bit more expensive than you would usually go for! 🙂

  8. kaseypowers · · Reply

    I like the chevron on you. They cardigan is ok but just a cardigan. Keep it if you love it. I think the skinny jeans with flats work for you but jeans have to fit well. Maybe tell stylist to go for 32 instead of 30 if 31 isn’t available.

  9. nonsequiturchica · · Reply

    I like the first two shirts- probably the chevron one better.

  10. mcmissis · · Reply

    The first shirt is cute, but $48 is a lot!! And I really, really like the cardigan on you. I would never choose that in a store and even if I had it in my closet already would never find a way to wear it. But it really is super flattering on you. Like a lot.

  11. I like the two tops, but not at that price point. $50 for a non-sweater top just doesn’t make sense to me unless you LOVE it. But they are cute, and I did like the sleeveless one quite a bit.

    I agree on skinny jeans when not wearing them with boots. I don’t get it. And I have long skinny feet so flats will look stupid on me. not to mention, I just don’t like the flats look with skinny jeans, even if it is the way to wear them.

    I really liked the cardigan – A LOT! I think it looks great on you! I always look wantingly at those cardigans but don’t know what to do with them… and I wonder how long they’ll stay in style. But I do love them. And $54 isn’t bad if you love it and WILL WEAR IT?

  12. Ok, so I never seem to agree with the rest of your commenters, but here goes… 😉

    I don’t like the first top – print is cute, but too “in” and the length is wrong.

    I really like the tank. I think the length is good on you and the neckline is really flattering.

    I ADORE the cardigan. I saw it on another blog and actually went searching for it, so much did I love it (and couldn’t find it anywhere – sad face).

    PERSONALLY, I’d be inclined to keep something, because you’re already out $20. I know that’s how SF gets you, but “$28” for that tank or “$34” for the cardigan is fairly reasonable…

  13. I like the tank the most, but wasn’t theilled with these selections either.

  14. I liked the first one I don’t know that I would spend 48 dollars on it but since you’ve already put in the 20 it really only cost you 28. So for $28 I do think it’s a cute top and it looks good on you. I don’t think I would keep anything else though.

  15. I agree that this box seems meh and they are OK pieces at love it prices. Hopefully they send something great next time!

  16. You look cute in everything! Not fair. 😉 I don’t even care for chevron print and you have me liking that top. But, I agree with the others, love it prices. But, as someone else already pointed out, you will be paying the stylist fee regardless (even if it is in credits), so I would buy one item. I personally love the cardigan on you, but wonder if it might be too frilly for your style with the draping? The V neck looks great on you, but I think the teal chevron might be the most versatile piece so I am inclined to vote for that one? Does your husband have an opinion? Sometimes I ask mine for his opinion when I can’t decide. Then I at least have something in my wardrobe he somewhat likes or gave input on. 🙂

  17. Other than the pants not fitting I like all of them! My advice is to pick the one you will actually use. Based on your commentary it seems like you liked the chevron top the best. Good luck!

  18. LOVE the cardigan.. I thought, I want that cardigan. But $54 is a lot for it.. but if you don’t have a cardigan you like it might be worth it.

    Chevron top is my next fav but not worth $48.

  19. Well, all about the honesty right??? So, if we were shopping at a Mall…and you stepped out the dressing room I’d prob say no. The chevron hits in a strange spot. I don’t like how the V sits on your clavical. I would not have screamed, “Oh, I LOVE that one! Is it on sale????” The necklace. I have to go back and look again so no. I really LOVE the cardigan. It makes your arms look skinny. I also love cardigans.

  20. slm1441 · · Reply

    I own a lot of cardigans like that and I think they are very flattering. But again, the prices are a little high for this cheap lady.

    Shannon (sitting in a tree)

  21. I just signed up under your link! 🙂

  22. I love the Beckett v-neck blouse on you! So pretty!

    I’ve gotten three fixes so far and the last two were SUPER disappointing. I was wild about one dress from my first fix. 2nd fix everything was either totally frumpy or way TOO sexy. 3rd fix everything was beautiful but the fits were terrible, except for a 41 Hawthorne jersey top, which I kept, but only because I couldn’t stand the thought of spending the styling fee and not keeping anything. Ha. I got VERY specific in my note to my stylist and included links to stitchfix blog posts of styles I LOVE so we’ll see if my next fix improves. If not, I’m canceling. 🙁 I love the concept, but can’t stand paying the styling fee and not getting anything I’m crazy about. Also, it’s so f***ing disappointing to be excited about a box of clothes, try everything on, and feel like a total schlub in my own bedroom. Isn’t that what StitchFix is supposed to save us from???

  23. I like the first shirt and everything else is meh.

  24. I liked the second shirt the best, then first. I liked the cardigan too, but I wouldn’t spend that much on one for me. I would say no on the pants for the same reasons you said – I want to feel good when spending that much. I’m actually really liking the skinny jeans rolled at the ankle with flats or flip flops. Have you tried that look?

    1. Ha, no! That look only works 1) if you’re short, b/c I’m lucky to have the jeans be long enough, much less long enough to roll, and 2) if you have skinny legs. I’m learning I’m really not a fan of skinnys with flats b/c I feel like it just emphasizes the wideness of my hips/thighs instead of getting balanced with boots!

  25. […] my next fix to be clothes for my trip to visit my sister on May 22nd. I actually ended up loving the cardigan I kept from my last fix (I’ve worn it every week the past month!), but after this fix I’m about ready to quit […]

  26. […] to it, this was actually the keeper of the group. It was much more fitted than the shirt sent in my last fix (which, PS, looking back at that post I am SO glad that I kept the cardigan and nothing else!). It […]

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