WWW – What Motivates Me?

First off, I’m tired of writing monthly fitness posts that basically say I gave up again, I failed again, I put my health on the back burner again.

My March goal results — not so great:

  • Work on my diastasis recti. I completely failed at doing this. It took me a week to get signed up with Fit2B, and then they gave a free membership to try it and write a review (which I will – after THIS month I guess!), and then my hard drive on my computer crashed so I’ve had no computer at home, and excuses excuses excuses.
  • Track my calories in MFP again. I tracked quite a bit, but not enough, and with quitting nursing this past month, my weight has actually gone up a few pounds (sitting in the 162-163# range).

So here’s the deal… I’m working on a new plan of attack and keeping myself accountable. I will outline it all later this month, but here are my main motivators right now:

  • Our New Budget: I signed up for EveryDollar (Dave Ramsey’s new budget app) and put our info in yesterday. It was… eye opening. No wonder we are going into debt every month. Our grocery/eating out/alcohol budget is going to be undergoing a major overhaul this month, and that bottom line change will most definitely have a positive affect on my waistline.
  • A New Fitness Program: I’m talking with an old IF blog friend who is now a Beachbody coach, and I’m going to try one of her #21DayFix plans starting April 12th. I’m excited to have a plan to follow (it works well for my TypeA self) and to have a coach to go to for advice on stuff.
  • Measurement Numbers: I took my measurements this morning for the first time since September. In 7 months, my bust is down 1.5″ (boo! nursing days are done and my boobs are sad, saggy sacks right now), my belly is up 1″, and my hips are up 1.5″ – no wonder clothes are tight on me! Those are basically my measurements from last June, except my boobs are way, way smaller, which means proportionally I turning into a pear. I am not okay with this – it’s time to buckle down!

With the longer, sunny days I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my health again. I’m throwing a baby shower on May 2, I’m taking a vacation on May 22, and summer is coming – I want to feel good about myself for these events!

30 minute workout 2% of day


  1. Girl, you got this! We are TOTALLY going to get you in some killer shape with 21 Day Fix! I PROMISE!! I’m here to walk you through this!! I’m excited for you! xoxo

  2. lparsons15 · · Reply

    I did the 21 day fix!! Its haaaaaaard! But SO SO awesome!!

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    1. For some reason, with the way the words were arranged on my phone, I read “pear” as “polar bear” hahahahaha I was laughing so hard.
    2. I’ve always thought you should be one of those coaches!
    3. Most importantly, I have been reading your blog for 5 years and have never gotten the feeling that these posts are about you failing. I am inspired (and jealous!) every single time. You are so conscious of your health and work so hard to do better. I so look up to you in this area.

    1. Awh, thanks Sheelah.

  4. I tried mint.com for budgeting after geochick blogged about it, and MAN OH MAN. I have no idea how two and a half people spend so much money in groceries!

    1. Yeah, after reading reviews, I think I’m going to try out YNAB. I don’t like how Dave Ramsey’s version doesn’t carry over balances. http://personalfinancesoftwarereviews.com/ynab-4-review/ Geochick got me thinking about it as well.

  5. Quitting nursing added back 5 pounds for me. All of you who said I was looking a bit gaunt in the face will be happy to see some cheeks back on me! Damn weaning. 😉

    You’ll do great… It’s spring and that’s motivation enough!

    1. True that. 🙂

  6. I hope you’ll keep updating about your budgeting process. I’m always interested to see how other families do it. I like Dave Ramsey’s steps idea but haven’t tried the app. I’ve tried Mint but the whole process makes me so anxious. We do a general budget for monthly/quarterly/yearly expenses and are paying off debt (just student loans at this point) but not saving nearly enough. Anyway…
    Good luck on your goals for this month!

    1. So far I’m not loving Dave Ramsey’s program (I love his process, just no his app) – I think we will switch to YNAB. I’ll write more about it once we’ve tried it out for a cpl months.

  7. […] 21 Day Fix Challenge started yesterday, and so far so good! I’m loving the food and getting a hang of the prep […]

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