The Monday Snapshot – Mama’s Boy Edition

I had forgotten how tough this 15 month old stage is with a toddler who is quite physically adept but can’t talk. To be fair, Stella had quite a few more words than Harvey does at this point, but I think 15 months is universally difficult with kids because they’re learning so much every day but don’t really have the communication skills to go with that knowledge. We spend a lot of time saying “show us what you want Harvey” as he points and says UGHHHHHH or AGHHHHH or bursts into tears yet again because his silly parents just don’t get it.

On the upside, he’s also very much a mama’s boy, so even when I’m trying to get a few minutes of rest, I don’t really mind when he toddles in and says “ahhhhh” to be lifted up onto the bed in order to snuggle with me. He’s a great cuddling partner. <3



  1. I honestly can’t even handle how adorable this little guy is. Those baby blues! That statick-y hair! I bet he’s fun to cuddle with, too :). Love this age though I completely understand the struggle with the no talking part.

  2. Boys and their mamas!

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    He is sooooooo cute. The first half of the first year was the hardest for me with Gracie. OK, we did have a harder time when she transitioned to a toddler bed, but 15 months was definitely second!

  4. slm1441 · · Reply

    THIS. I think all my frustrations with Alex comes with lack of language. And Alex is 19 months but also delayed b/c of his hearing loss, so he has the language of a 9 month old. This morning was particularly hard because I just couldn’t figure out what he wanted. (Truth be told, I’m not sure he knew what he wanted). But it’s hard. Man it’s hard. But like Harvey – he’s a snuggler and a mama’s boy, so whenever I”m about to lose it, he hops into my lap, plants a kiss in my lips and it’s all worth it!

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