Stitch Fix #5 – Consider Me Frustrated


Before receiving this last fix, I had switched my frequency to every 2-3 weeks for the next couple of months because I really wanted one Fix to focus on an outfit for the baby shower I’m throwing May 2nd and my next fix to be clothes for my trip to visit my sister on May 22nd. I actually ended up loving the cardigan I kept from my last fix (I’ve worn it every week the past month!), but after this fix I’m about ready to quit the whole dang thing. 🙁

I started following a StitchFix group on Facebook, and the tips in learned in there were to (1) try to use positives of what you DO want, not want you don’t want, because something about their algorithm only sees “baggy shirts” instead of “no baggy shirts.” I was also surprised to realize how often people requested a different stylist (or to keep the same stylist if they loved their fix) as I hadn’t realized that was possible! Apparently you can also request different sizes of items, and if they have them in stock they will send them. So yeah, I tried to get more specific with this month’s note to my stylist, and here’s what I came up with:

I’m throwing a baby shower for my BFF May 2. Colors are gold/turquoise/burlap; that color scheme or any shade of pink would be nice (perhaps even a casual dress if there’s something amazing?). Jeans & tops that work for both casual + work are always nice too. More fitted tops please – I don’t love the styles you’ve been sending. See here –> Machine washable if possible!

I also tweaked the note in my style profile a bit:

I wear mostly jeans & nice tops at my job at a medical office. I like bright tones (like coral) and warm tones (green/mustard/etc). I’m self conscious about my midsection, but that doesn’t mean I want to wear tents for shirts. I have enough jewelry for now – would prefer clothing in shipments unless there is something fantastic for me to see.

I even created a Pinterest board with some ideas AND gave them links to my blog posts about my first four fixes.

Basically, I got as specific as I could, and yet my stylist SUCKED. It was by far the worst note I’ve received (short, non-helpful ideas, and not even grammatically correct), and I don’t think she read a damn thing about me before making the selections.


My crappy note from the stylist.

This was compounded by the fact that their algorithm definitely didn’t pay attention to my style profile selections and feedback on prior items. For example:

  • Jeans – I like skinny & bootcut and have that noted in my style profile. They sent me wide leg jeans that look horrible on me.
  • Price points – I have my options set to as cheap as possible (under $50)… yet my box was a $380 fix, including a $108 dress.
  • Styles – I’ve consistently told them in feedback that I’ve hated the Henley style tent shirts – yet that’s what she sent me again.
  • Ease of care – I asked for machine washable if possible because it’s a pain in the ass to hand wash and hang dry when I do a gazillion loads of laundry every week, yet 3 of my 5 items are hand wash only.

Basically, I’m going to write a complaint to their customer service and give this one more shot, but I’m about done. I love the concept, but if they’re not going to actually read my feedback and notes and learn from what I didn’t like, what’s the point?

GAH. At any rate, here are my items from this fix. I might keep one thing just to not lose my stylist fee, but I don’t know if it’s even worth doing that. What do you guys think?

First off I tried on the Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt (Market & Spruce – $58). I actually like the color of this shirt, and the style is okay (though it doesn’t really do me any favors), but the lace makes me nervous – seems like it will catch on kids’ toys or whatever pretty easily. It’s also hand wash / line dry only, so meh.

PinkLaceNext I tried on the Filbert Abstract Striped Henley Blouse (UGH, AGAIN – Market & Spruce – $58) with the high waisted wide legged Mom jeans – Dear John (Marson Wide Leg Jean – $78). I don’t care if that style is “in” right now, they look horrible on me and I don’t like the style, hence why I hadn’t selected it on my profile. Can you tell I’m cranky and let down by this fix? *sigh*

Henley-JeansFinally I got to the two dresses she sent. I usually have my profile set to avoid dresses, but I asked for them this month if there was something great for the baby shower. Well, I liked both of these dresses okay (and I think they both actually looked better in person than they photographed) but I didn’t like their price points. I mean, $78 for a maxi?! I’ll spend $100 on great jeans that I’ll wear a few times a week – I will not spend that kind of money on dresses that I’ll wear once every few months.

Scott Striped Dress (Donna Morgan – $108) and Jakobe Chevron Print Maxi Dress (Pixley – $78). 

DressesSo yeah, that’s my fix. What do you guys think? Is there anything you’d bother keeping, especially at those price points?


*We both get $10 to spend at ThredUp if you use my link to sign up.
*I  get a $25 credit if you sign up for a Stitch Fix box through my link. Signing up does NOT mean you have to schedule a box right away. You can look around and get a feel for it. If you do ship a box, then I get a credit, and if you refer anyone, the same applies to you!


  1. I love the red and white dress! I tend to splurge on a good dress every once in a while, as you can wear them for years and years.

  2. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Actually like the pink dress with a belt * the maxi looks great but agree about $$.

  3. I like the red and white dress on you. I also like the chevron. I am also sick of the tent shirts. I have a figure….lol.

    1. This is my vote too!

  4. I think the maxi looks GREAT. I will splurge on a good dress bc I can wear it forever. And I live in maxis during the hot summer here. Why would they send the wide leg jeans? That is frustrating. I don’t think they look bad but if you don’t feel comfortable in them then NO! The first shirt looks good but I’m with you on machine washable. Forever and ever amen. I am going to try this service as soon as these babes come out! Interested to see what they send when I say “need to hide the postpartum flab but I don’t wear tents”. :/

  5. elizabeth · · Reply

    I defiantly agree that your stylist didn’t seem to take note of your preferences. I would contact customer service to express your dissatisfaction. I’d suggest youtry and pin more specific items/outfits that you likeour stylist can geta better sense of what you like. My first box was a bit of a flop so I gave them very specific feedback and beefed up my style board and my next two boxes were much better.

  6. I like the blue and white top. I think it would be cute untucked with skinny jeans and boots for fall/spring, and white shorts in summer, and a pencil skirt, tucked in.

  7. I actually like the Henley top with the color of the jeans even if the style of the jeans is not good. But I wouldn’t keep anything else.

  8. sarah l · · Reply

    I really like the Henley top and maxi dress.

  9. I agree with Lanie about the blue and white top with skinnies and boots. Have you ever looked at Super cute clothes at cheap prices! It’s a daily deal website with boutique style clothes, jewelry, and other things. You take a chance at ordering because most things you can’t return… But with that being said I have only not liked about 1-2 things.

  10. The pink lace top is so me (but I don’t think it’s you). I don’t like the others either, or at least not for those prices.

  11. GAH! well if you really don’t want to eat the $20 then I say go with the Henley. I know you don’t like it but with a jean jacket or blazer or cardigan it will look cute! Plus I think It looks good on you!

  12. Yeah, not a good fix at all. I agree with some others that my favorite is the Henley. I love that style of shirt, but even the “$38” price tag seems on the high end for that and it not being something you love. I honestly dislike everything else. I don’t like the neckline of either dress. I like the print of the maxi but I personally think that a maxi needs to show SOME skin, be it back or a lower neckline. That is just too much fabric.

    I would honestly contact customer service and seriously complain. It’s not that you didn’t like the fix, but that the stylist clearly didn’t do her job AT ALL.

    1. We are so in tune. Apart from one small hearts incident I think we must dress the same

  13. I love you in that maxi dress! Agree about the price, but I could see you getting a lot of use out of it for events spring through summer. It was interesting reading this, because a friend of mine tried SF, and had very similar feedback to what you’re saying and ended up canceling.

  14. I just showed Brian! He liked the lace overlay top and the chevron top (for work). Said the red white dress is a nice cut, but the print is weird. So there’s a mans opinion, as if you wanted one. 😉

  15. Okey dokey have had a few looks at this.

    Don’t blame you for being pissed. nothing worse than sending a brief and no one pays attention to it.

    How am I feeling…..when you look at the cards they look good, like it makes sense but then on you I am a bit mmmmmm

    Top #1 – don’t like the pink top a bit busy for me
    Top #2 – jeans NO skinny all the way.
    Dress#1 I actually really like this die on and it looks flattering and you have gorgeous legs so like the length but then front on it is just a bit busy. I think someone mentioned a belt? That would definitely break up the psychedelic pattern.
    Dress#2 – not for me the front looks too mumsy although side on looks good

    Clothes prices are so bloody expensive in Australia. The price for the maxi seemed reasonable to me and it is just because it is way over inflated here. It is so frustrating.

    Interesting to see what you will do. You could still use the dress cards for inspiration. I did like the booties with that dress I think that looks really smoking.

  16. mcmissis · · Reply

    No to all of it. That sucks they’re not listening to you, too.

  17. slm1441 · · Reply

    I’m going with the unpopular opinion and say that I think you look really good in that blue and white blouse (untucked). I think it still gives you a waist and the bottom falls at a very flattering place. I know you hate them, but I just wanted to tell you that I think you look good in it.

    Same with the dresses but NO WAY for that price. WOW.

    Shannon (sitting in a tree)

    1. mcmissis · · Reply

      I agree you look great in the blue and white top untucked. I just know you worked hard on purging your closet last year(?) and don’t want you to buy something you don’t love that will end up just hanging there.

  18. Gosh, you seriously make everything look cute. I honestly love that shade of pale pink on you with your coloring. You wear it well! I love the idea of the maxi, but I agree with others that the neckline needs to be a little lower. Plus, if you found a solid color or a smaller, less trendy print, you would get more wear out of it. That is the only way I would want to pay the price on that one.

  19. Man, they keep sending you SO MANY PRINTS!!! I’m annoyed for you. Yes, the decent one is the short maxi. But ONLY with a belt. And that makes me sad because it is EXPENSIVE. You could probably buy the same thing at Target for 20 bucks. They didn’t listen to you at all. AT ALL. Sad face. You STILL made it all cute though!

  20. So pink shirt is a GREAT color on you but not my favorite being a handwash item so depends if you can get over that. Seems like a great work blouse or church shirt. I like the print and color on the Henley top so that’s actually my favorite item but not sure it’s worth $58. I like the flare leg bottoms on you but not the high waist. The red dress bugs my eyes out and the Maxi doesn’t flatter you enough.

    So I might keep the Henley top or the Pink top if I was you and you didn’t want to lose your $20 if you’re ending the service, otherwise send it all back and try for one more box to not lose the $20 deposit.

  21. just a thought – I have always hand washed my hand washables, except before my last trip I had a ton of stuff that I had not washed and no time to do it – I did all except one piece on the ‘hand washable’ cycle in my washing machine and they came out great! SO much less work!!! I’m never hand washing again!!! 🙂

    1. Ha, I don’t hand wash a damn thing. It’s having to even remember to keep and wash them separately that’s the issue. I’m worried I’ll end up washing everything in one lump wash and ruin everything!

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