Stitch Fix #5 – Follow Up

Okay ladies, thanks so much for all of the advice & feedback y’all gave me via blog comments and emails and texts on my most recent Stitch Fix box. I really appreciate it, especially since I am SO fashion-challenged! Now that I’ve settled down and thought about everything for a bit, I feel a bit better about my last Fix, and I’m pretty darn sure that the next one will be better. After reading everyone’s suggestions, I tried everything on again in order to reevaluate it myself and to get my husband’s feedback, and this is what we decided…

1) The lace overlay shirt. I actually liked the color of this a lot, but the fit was just okay and it was hand wash only, so that wasn’t great. Charlie liked this on me for work & church, but it wasn’t fantastic, so neither of us really wanted to add this to my closet, especially as I’m purging everything I don’t love to wear. Returned.


2) The wide leg jeans. These were horrible. I hated the fit, I hated the style, and beyond all of that, I was frustrated that I had specifically checked “skinny” and “bootcut” in my profile and pinned items like this, and yet the stylist was totally off the mark. This style makes me look 20# heavier than I am, and Lord knows I don’t need that. Returned.


3) The crazy striped dress. I liked the color, we both liked the fit. It didn’t photograph well, but we honestly didn’t mind this dress in person. It just wasn’t worth $108 for a dress that didn’t photograph well and wasn’t fantastic in every form. Returned.

4) The super conservative maxi dress. Meh. That’s how we both felt about this dress. The colors were nice and it was super comfortable and fit fine, but it was WAY more conservative than I’d normally wear, and the pattern was a bit too large and trendy for my taste. It was okay, but $30 okay, not $78 okay. Returned.


5) The Henley shirt. Yes, I dogged on this style big time in my post and feedback, but when it came down to it, this was actually the keeper of the group. It was much more fitted than the shirt sent in my last fix (which, PS, looking back at that post I am SO glad that I kept the cardigan and nothing else!). It was also versatile and good for work/church/home depending on what I wore with it (thank YOU all for the suggestions since my stylist sucked at it). It was definitely Charlie’s favorite of the group, and since I was already in for $20, I decided to go for it and pay the extra to keep it. Honestly, I had credit built up from those of you who signed up for SF through my profile (THANK YOU!) so it was free. Much appreciated my friends. Much appreciated. KEPT!



So there ya go. I kept one piece, and I feel pretty good about it. I got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it this week, and it’s definitely outside of my comfort zone, so that’s a good thing I guess. I wrote a complaint to SF (holy crap that was hard for me – I am seriously the girl who cries when it comes to confrontation normally), and the customer service woman who wrote me back was VERY nice and apologetic about how badly they had missed the mark with my last fix since it was obvious my stylist hadn’t really reviewed most of my profile and feedback. They will be crediting my stylist fee for next month and giving me a new stylist, with lots of promises about really checking my previous feedback, blog posts, Pinterest board, etc.

All in all, I’m impressed with how they handled my complaints, I’m thankful to have you all in my corner for honest feedback and styling ideas, and I’m happy to have one new piece of quality, versatile clothing in my closet. On a related note – I got ride of 20 more items from my closet this morning while I was waiting for the kids to wake up before I left for work, and DAMN it feels good. My goal is to have a MINIMAL closet filled with only quality, much loved items. Quality over quantity baby!


  1. I loved this shirt on you. It was me favorite. It is very flattering and versatile!

  2. I didn’t get a chance to comment on your last post, but I agree that the Henley shirt was my favorite out of all of them. It’s also nice to hear that their customer service is good!

    1. Yep – they were very quick to reply and helpful in figuring out a solution. Consider me impressed!

  3. slm1441 · · Reply

    YAY! That was my vote all along. I’m glad you went with it. It really does look nice on you. 🙂

    Shannon (sitting in a tree)

    1. Thanks. It’s good to be pushed outside of my comfort zone I guess 😉

  4. audreyjoan10 · · Reply

    LOVE This post and after each post I keep strongly considering to try this!! Love that you kept that shirt, it looks great on you!!!!

    1. They have clothing all the way down to XS Audie – you should totally try it!

  5. I am late to the party! But I am glad you kept that shirt – I really dig it and it looks great on you.

  6. mcmissis · · Reply

    You really do look great in that shirt.

  7. Good all around! That shirt looks great on you (and my god you’re so right about how much more flattering your own jeans are!!!). Glad to hear customer service was so good and that’s precisely what they should have done.

    I need to get back into my closet and really purge. I have an impossible time getting rid of “party” clothes. I think I’m in denial… Or maybe I know that when I do actually get the chance to “go out” for real I’ll feel so out of my element that I’ll be grateful for that perfect shirt… Or maybe that’s an excuse…

  8. Great choice. It looks fantastic on you. I am glad you decided to keep. 🙂 Now I can’t wait to see next month’s selections!

  9. That looks fantastic on you! So glad you gave it another shot, I love how you’ve styled it! I saw it on your IG and was happy you kept it! #yupimastalker

  10. I never got around to commenting on your first post, but was going to say that the Henley shirt looked really good on you. Glad other said the same and you decided to keep it. Congrats on your closet purging progress, amazing!

  11. I’m glad you contacted customer service and they were so responsive. It really does sound like you may just need a different stylist- one who is willing to take the time to read all that you send her.

  12. I like the shirt you’re keeping! I’m glad they had a decent response. Looking forward to seeing what is in your next box.

  13. I really struggle with confrontation too, so kudos to you for getting out of your comfort zone on that front! love their response too!! xo

  14. The Henley looks so cute with the skinny jeans! Glad you were able to find something to keep in this box! There needs to be a stitch fix for men I think. S has so many clothes he doesn’t wear and he hates shopping. Plus I always buy what I want him to wear, not what he’d actually pick! Heh. Anyway, I digress….

    Good for you contacting customer service! Hope your next box is better.

  15. I LOVE the shirt you kept! I am totally on board with the quality vs. quantity. Except I may have a problem with shoes . . . I can’t wait to get my next fix in a couple weeks!

  16. Love the henley.

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