The Monday Snapshot – Scissors Edition

Yesterday, on Mother’s Day morning, I had my brother take a quick snapshot of us before church. It’s hard to get us all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time, but we got a pretty cute one. Little did I know it’d be the last one of Stella with her long hair!
IMG_5936After church and lunch with Charlie’s parents, I put Harvey down for nap in their room, and Charlie put Stella down for a nap in our room. Well, an hour or two later, she appeared at the top of the stairs withย a stack of hair in her hand. What followed was tears…lots and lots of tears. I think it started because I was upset with her (I literally just had this conversation with her last week about how she was never allowed to use scissors to cut anyone’s hair), and it escalated when she realized that her short hair wouldn’t magically be long again and she could no longer have an Elsa braid. You know, priorities.

I tried to straighten the back out as best I could, but there’s a section on the left of her head that is only an inch long, so yeah…that will take a good long while to grow out. *sigh* Charlie got her to cheer up by having her “help” him plant some flowers, and though she was still sad and mopey all afternoon, I think a little fresh air and sunshine helped her immensely.

I’m really not stoked about the new shorter ‘do and how long it will take to grow out, but I still think they’re pretty damn cute. ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    OMG that is my worst nightmare. OK, not the WORST, but still. She looks adorable though!!!

  2. Oh no! It happens to the best of us, right? Hopefully she learned the lesson early on and won’t experiment with scissors on hair again. I think the cut looks really cute on her! And I’m always told that cutting hair on a regular basis actually helps it grow longer and healthier.

    1. Ha, there’s the whole issue of the huge section 5″ x 5″(?) on the left side of her head that is less than an inch long. Barettes and headbands hide it a little because she thankfully left a little section in the very front a little longer, but it was sticking straight up and out when she woke up this morning. *sigh*

      1. Did YOU cut her hair?? If so, great job! Did she say why she cut it or what she thought she was doing? She does look pretty upset in those pictures. I can only imagine what my reaction would be if I were in your shoes.

        1. Yeah, i tried to straighten the back out a bit. It’s still shorter along the bottom on the right side, and the left side had an entire section that’s less than an inch long. *sigh*

  3. This terrifies me! The work-around still looks cute on her though!

  4. I cut my hair twice as a kid. Both times, the most traumatic part was how upset my mom got with me. Yes, my haircuts looked awful. And yes the short hair was a pain. But to this day, it was the reaction and shame that has stuck with me.

    It’s certainly scary to think of the damage kids can do with scissors. I’ve seen some pretty mean cuts recently. But thankfully, wounds generally heal and hair will grow back.

    Sending love to you all today after this traumatic event.

  5. She is cute as a button and they are only little once! Take lots of pictures of it and she will have the memory of being little and cute and frustrating as all else!

  6. I know she’s not my kid so I didn’t experience the horror of this (and it is a big fear of mine), but I think her hair is CUTE! I mean… Adorable!

    1. I sent you pics that show more of the short section. I agree the pixie cut look you see in the pics above doesn’t look bad. Ha! I’m just glad she didn’t cut herself in the process!

  7. haha oh no!!! This is kind of hilarious… because it isn’t my kid! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Poor Stella after she realized what she’d done. I actually love Stella’s new cut though!!! So cute on her!! I keep trimming Alidia’s to be about that length just because I find it so much more manageable and looks good even if not really brushed.. and good for hot weather! I am sure Stella’s will grow out in no time and in the meantime, it is a great little do! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (And a reminder that eventhough I can never imagine Lids doing this, she just may someday, because I am sure you didn’t expect Stella to either! So I better hide the scissors! Eek!)

    1. Yeah, it’s not that cute. I’ll post newer pics tomorrow so you can see the extent of the damage on the entire left side of her head. HA!

  8. Oh Stella!!!! The only thing is a good cut will help it grow back thicker and better for perfect Elsa braids! Cutting mots hair a few months ago was the best thing we did. Bless her – it’s a rite of passage x

  9. I don’t think as a kid I’ve ever done that. She still does look beautiful though. A lesson learned, I’m sure.

  10. I believe this is a rite of passage, no? Poor girl. I feel so bad for her. Taylor is obsessed with the length of her hair (and Elsa braids) so I know this would crush her.

    At least she still looks adorable!

    Shannon (sitting in a tree)

  11. I can’t imagine how upset you must be!!! But, silver lining is that she looks so cute with the pixie cut. Elsa braids are BIG over here too! (I think everywhere though!)

  12. Love that pic of you and Stella and Harvey at the bottom of the post! So cute! poor stella!!!

  13. Oh man. I think this is a parenting rite of passage. Awful to see Stella so sad though. May it grow back quickly!

  14. Like others, I’ll say that in the pics you posted she looks absolutely adorable. But I would be so sad if Sofia did this. And it’s so sweet how upset SHE was when she realized what she’d done. Such innocence. They seem so big compared to the little brothers, but then they do something that reminds you how much they still have to learn.

  15. oh no! i’m sorry what a crap mother’s day episode. she does look adorable in the photos though! but i can’t imagine the horror as her mama!

  16. kaseypowers · · Reply

    I definitely did this EXACT thing when I was her age. Down to the one inch on a whole side of my head. My mom has an envelope full of that hair.
    I’m just waiting for the day that one of the boys does this. And I will probably cry. And people will say he’s a boy short hair is fine, but I love the longish hair. I totally get that you aren’t stoked about the do (even though she does look cute in the pictures) it’s just not the same.

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