The Accident

I will preface this post by saying that Harvey is okay. Thank the Lord.

This morning I got to spend just 45 minutes with the kids before heading to work at 8am. I’ve been gone since 4am last Saturday and returned home last night at 10pm (SUCH a fantastic vacation – I’ll post more about it soon!), so it was hard on my heart to walk out the door and hear Harvey burst into tears that I was leaving again, but I shook it off and told myself I’d be spending as much quality time as possible with them over the next few days.

At 8:16am I was just sitting down to check e-mails when my phone rang. It was our Nanny who in over a year of watching our kids has NEVER called me while I was at work. She was near hysterics and gasped out something about Harvey pulling the bar stool over on himself and that he wasn’t breathing or moving and that I needed to bring the doctor (my boss) with me right away.

I can honestly tell you I’ve never been so scared in my life.

I yelled for my boss to follow me as I ran down the hall and out the door, and without question he raced after me, jumped into the car, and we sped through town. I live just 3 minutes from work when I’m driving normal speeds, and we probably made it in 2. The entire way my boss was saying a prayer out loud for Harvey and I was doing my best to calm my breathing because I was BEYOND freaked out and knew I needed to be calm when we got there.

By the time we ran in the door, Harvey was screaming & our Nanny was holding him clothed in just his diaper. I’ve never been so happy to hear him screaming in my life.

I guess after she hung up with me he had started to scream, so she had stripped him down to his diaper to check for any obvious bruising/broken bones. My boss checked him out and said he doesn’t think there’s any internal bleeding or that he got a concussion. He thankfully never lost consciousness, but he’s got a massive lump on the back of his head (from hitting the floor) and the front of his head (from the chair hitting him) and bruising on his abdomen (from the chair landing on him). My boss said he probably got the wind knocked out of him from the chair and that caused him to be in shock and be not breathing/moving for a bit. We gave him tylenol and the Nanny will be watching him closely all day.

Holy shit you guys. I’m not kidding when I say it was the scariest moment of my life as a parent thus far.

And we’re getting rid of those damn chairs.

This is the pic their Dad sent me of them while I was gone. I love those kids so much! <3

This is the pic their Dad sent me of them while I was gone. I love those kids so much! <3


  1. That is effing terrifying. My heart was in my throat reading this. I am so, so glad he’s ok!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I just had three texts from my sitter starting with “don’t freak out but” and I didn’t want to read any further. Turns out Chloe swallowed a penny but besides being scared and sad that her penny was gone, she’s fine. What a blessing that he was ok, and that your doctor was able to come with you to check him out. Poor buddy!

  3. I cannot even imagine. So glad he is okay!

  4. jeov55 · · Reply

    I’ve read this three times now and my heart pounds and I cry my way through every time, even though I know it ends well. KIDS are so hard on their parents! An accident can change everything in a heartbeat…and that is terrifying. Hugs and Kisses for all of you. Deep breaths. xxG-ma Julie

  5. nonsequiturchica · · Reply

    Oh my gosh how scary! I’m so glad that he is doing okay. It’s nice that you are so close to your house and can run over if necessary (thank goodness it wasn’t necessary!).

  6. OMG! TG HE’S OK!! That was very nice of your boss to go with you, I know what you mean by that cry, it means they’re OK. My daughter came out crying when she was born and it was such a relief since she was only 3 LBS but that sound was just what I needed to hear. I knew she was going to be OK.

    Hey your daughter is dressed as Elsa LOL


  7. So glad to hear that he is ok, and thank you for starting out the post the way that you did! I would have shit my pants, literally, the terror of that drive would be enough to push anyone over the edge!

  8. mcmissis · · Reply

    Oh man. I can barely type this through my tears. I can’t even begin to imagine how you felt/feel. I’ve never had that scary of a situation with the girls. I’m so sorry you had to go through that and feel so bad for poor Harvey 🙁 At least it happened when you were here and not while you were gone.

  9. Im so sorry that you guys had to go through that. How terrifying. Reading that took me back to Matthews poison incident when he was 11 months old. The thoughts that went through your head…. I hope you never have to think them again (but I’m sure you will).

    Our bar stools are a toddler magnet too, and super heavy. Brian always reminds me that they’re heavy enough to kill Bryson if he’d pull one over on himself, and he is right. I need to be more vigilant.

  10. Oh how awful and terrifying. I’m so thankful he’s ok- and hoping he’s feeling better this evening

  11. SO SO SO SO SO GLAD Harvey is okay!

    Is there a reason why your nanny call 911 before she called you? I mean, NOT BREATHING? (Thank the Lord he’s okay. Big hugs to you.)

    1. Because we’re in a tiny town and got there faster than 911 responders would have (they’re all volunteers)! My boss is a doc and owns the family practice medical center and we’re both licensed in ACLS – she figured we’d start CPR if needed and called 911 at that point. If I hadn’t answered immediately her next call was 911. Ugh. Makes me shiver to think about it.

  12. Oh hon!!!! I imagine for two minutes your heart stopped! Harvey don’t scare your mama!!!

  13. How terrifying!! I teared up just thinking about it. We know it’s possible of course to lose children – it’s happened to people we love – but we keep that knowledge tucked away, out of self-preservation. This drug it up in a hurry. Wow. I’m so so glad that it was just a scare in the end. Hug those kids extra right.

  14. So terrifying. Hugs to you guys.

  15. So glad he’s ok. Horribly scary! Hugs.

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. What a horrible ordeal. I can’t imagine the terror. Well, I can and it’s overwhelming. Especially with all you went through last year. I’m so sorry you had to endure that. And I’m so glad Harvey’s okay.

  17. How terrifying. And I have to believe it gave you some flashbacks. Big huge hugs Josey! I’m so glad Harvey is ok, minus the big bruises and lumps. Poor baby!
    Now tell us about this vacation. Where did you go? I want to live vicariously through you!

  18. Becky · · Reply

    Thank goodness all is ok. Scary stuff. Thoes mischief makers are bad for their own health.

  19. How scary. I’d get rid of the chairs too. I got rid of the train tracks that Callie fell and knocked her teeth out with, much less traumatizing than what you went through!
    So glad that he is ok!!!

  20. I’m definitely moving the death trap wobbly bar stools to a toddler free area tomorrow morning. I’m so glad everyone is all right.

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