WWW – Plantar Fasciitis Edition

Well, I meant to write about this yesterday, but once again the day got away from me. We are training a new girl at work, so my time has been monopolized by helping her out and trying to get my own job done, which sadly leaves very little time for blog reading/writing. I MISS YOU GUYS. Seriously. It’s like a very important chunk of my life is AWOL right now and I need to get it back.

At any rate. Health. Fitness. Fall off wagon. Get back on wagon. Repeat.

One month ago my 24 year old brother moved in with us. A month of having extra beers with him and a 5 day vacation with my sister have not been kind to my waistline. I was trying to get back at it with a new 21 Day Fix that started last Thursday, but my body is not cooperating dammit!

About 2 months ago I felt a stabbing pain in my heel during a workout, but I figured I’d just landed on it wrong and it would heal with time. 2 weeks ago I finally asked my boss about it, and he said it sound like plantar fasciitis and that I needed to ice, elevate, stretch, take it easy with workouts, and wear better shoes. We think it was a combination of me working out in old tennis shoes that didn’t have good heal cushion left, wearing my Frye boots or flipflops during the day (also not great cushion), working out more often, and maybe a small injury to my heel/tendon to start the whole thing that caused this. Walking a bunch on vacation didn’t help, but I was doing okay with icing & elevating it.

Then last Thursday I got the phone call about Harvey not breathing or moving, and on my frantic sprint out to my car, I must have rolled my ankle, because by noon on Thursday I could hardly bear weight on it and it was all swollen and bruised.


I iced, elevated, wrapped, and babied my ankle for the next few days, and finally yesterday I got in to see the local chiropractor (who I have a serious girl crush on – she is SOOOOo good). She specialized in foot injuries right after chiropractic school, and I had two separate people in town recommend her for this injury.

45 minutes with her yesterday and I’m feeling like a new woman!

It’s still sore, I’m still hobbling around, but as my boss said to me this morning, “you only have a little bit of hitch in your giddy-up today!” Ha! I’m planning on seeing her two more times in the next two weeks, and my hope is I’ll be back 100% after that. I do still have some bruising in the middle of the sole of my foot, so I’m trying to take it easy in the meantime in case I have a bit of a torn tendon that needs healing. The bruising seems to be improving though, so my boss’ hope is that it’s just the blood settling there from gravity and not an actual tear. We shall see.

In the meantime, I’m trying to eat clean and watch my diet at least, because hanging out in the mid 160s is NOT comfortable for me. My clothes are tight and I just feel squishy and soft. I’m down 3# of bloated beer weight in the past week, and I’d like to continue on that trend. Wish me luck!

2015-06-03 15.13.37-1

Kinesio tape is my friend! I don’t understand it, but this shit works. She used it on my wrists to help with carpal tunnel during my pregnancy with Stella as well. It’s pretty neat!


  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    I have a terrible habit of laughing when people fall. So I actually giggled at the image of you rolling your ankle while running to Harvey. It’s only bc I know now that he was okay, but still, I’m a horrible person. I’m glad the chiropractor helped! I’ve been to a chiropractor a ton, but I would’ve never thought to see one for a foot problem.

  2. That looks awful! I’ve know so many people who have had issues with this – people at kickboxing, fellow runners, people who do aerobics – EVERYONE. This condition does not discriminate and I’m sorry you have it.

    When I ruptured my plantar fascia, the podiatrist said, “now you’ll never have to experience Plantar Fasciitis.” That was a very big up-side to my injury. Because the right one did not rupture, I worry about that foot because the arch burns quite a bit, just like the left one USED TO before the rupture.

    Keep it elevated and take care!

  3. Bleagh, it’s zero fun to be sidelined, especially when you are so dang motivated. Try to rest even when you think you’re ready to get back to it – I know it’s hard to be patient! Sounds like a great chiro, and that’s said by a PT whose first reaction was all ‘aren’t there any good PTs in that town?’ 😉

    1. There are PTs, but insurance covers zero, so yeah…

  4. Oh man! My chiro has made me swear off flips flops FOREVER. I rolled in in some busted Birks the other day too and she was like DUDE NO. Bought some new ones…big difference!

    This injury is NO JOKE. I am sorry you are going through it! Makes me realize I need new running shoes too.

    R.I.C.E. it up, girl!

  5. Ow! If you need arch supports, I swear by the Good Feet store. I had better luck with those than the super expensive ones made from my foot. Plus the good feet supports fit in all shoes.

    I was going to quit sugar this week. Then I went to book club, sigh. I hear ya on trying and failing. There’s a whole lot of that around here lately.

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