Stitch Fix #7 – Summertime Surprise

Like I mentioned on Monday, this Saturday is the memorial BBQ for my sis-n-law who died last year. I told my Stitch Fix stylist that and said that Jaime was a fun loving fashionista, so I’d love fun items that were outdoor BBQ appropriate but with style. Capris, shorts, tanks, shirts, accessories. Whatever she thought was best! I asked for pinks & oranges if she could, otherwise cyan/yellow/etc. Bright for summer, you know? She totally delivered!IMG_6261


As a recap for those of you who are new to the game, Stitch Fix is a personal stylist service that sends you 5 items (clothing and/or accessories) at whatever time interval you choose. It’s as often as every 2-3 weeks or on demand only. You pay a $20 stylist fee for each box, and if you keep anything in the box, that fee goes towards the cost of what you keep. You also can choose the ballpark area of the cost of your items (from as cheap as possible – usually around $45 – and up to the hundreds). If you keep all 5 items, you get 25% off the entire box! If you sign up through me, I get a $25 referral credit on my account (THANK YOU!!) which helps immensely for me to fund my new habit. 😉 Anything you don’t want you return in the included postage paid envelope. SUPER simple, and it removes the hassle of trying to shop with kids clamoring at your feet. Also, if you’re woefully uninspired when it comes to fashion sense (like me), it an help you get outside of your comfort zone so you quit wearing your clothes from the 90s… seriously. To read about my previous fixes, click here. At any rate, back to this fix!

2015-06-16 20.12.59


Sweet Rain (Montezuma Split Neck Blouse; Medium – $44)

The first item in the box to catch my eye was this blouse. I love the color for summer, and I think the cut isn’t bad on me. It’s slim enough that it doesn’t feel like a huge box, but it still hides my poochy belly pretty well. What do you guys think? I put a white tank on underneath because it’s very sheer. She suggested pairing it with white pants/shorts, but I don’t own any so I just put on some khaki shorts. I think it’d be cute with dark denim jeans too, right? It looks kind of like polka dots in this picture, but they’re actually mini hearts, which I’m sure Stella will adore. 🙂


Level 99 (Ellouise Mixed Print Short; Size 30 – $88)

Um, hell no. First off, I will spend money on a great pair of jeans, but shorts? I don’t know, that seems crazy. Also, I wanted to try something outside the box for me (you know, other than jean shorts), but these just felt like blouse-y pajama shorts. No thanks. These are the only big miss for me in the box. RETURNED.


Skies are Blue (Harley Lace Detail Top; Medium – $48)

I want to love this shirt. I really, really do. I adore the color, and the lace detail on the top (front & back) is awesome. The cut though it just “meh” for me. Very boxy, and I feel it just makes me look even larger than I am through the torso, right? Or am I just being too hard on myself?


I normally request no dresses anymore, and she did send me 2. However, I specifically asked for special items for the BBQ party, so I’m guessing that’s why she sent them. At least they were more in my price range (as opposed to the $100+ options before). Thoughts?

Pixley (Tammi Floral Dress; Medium – $68)

This was nice and lightweight, but it just had no shape at all, and I don’t like that it’s hard to pair with a bra and the arm holes were oddly baggy and oversized. Just too conservative and blah for me, I think.Pixley_TammiFloralDress

Brixon Ivy (Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress; Medium – $74)

This was a bitch to zip up on my own (definitely better to try on with a helping hand around – ha!), but once I got it on I actually really liked it. It’s a heavier material though, which I don’t love for summer, and I’m not sure it’s a “love it” enough item to actually buy for the price.

BrixonIvy_LexTexturedFloralKnitFit&FlareDressSo there ya go – Fix #7! I’m happy to have the same stylist as last time, and I think she truly made an effort to pay attention to my preferences and feedback. What do YOU think I should keep?!


  1. Ariane · · Reply

    I think the last dress is great on you. I’d keep that for you.


    I would wear a COLOUR if I had that dress. That’s a great style on you, if you aren’t down with the material. Throw a belt on it and you’re a stone cold fox.

    1. Ditto. Love that yellow dress. It might be better for fall or indoors during the summer if it’s a heavier weight but gorgeous.

    2. I third. The yellow dress looks awesome

  3. I love the colors, but I don’t like the items. Does that make sense? Because of the $25 fee, I’d keep the first top, but that is all. The color is great on you and the top is very “summer” with its weight.

    They sure are sending lots of boxy things. I do think that’s in this year but I find it frustrating. I have not bought any clothes this summer because of the cuts.

    That yellow dress could be fun, but I don’t think you’ll wear it. You’d keep it because you want to like it (I’ve done that so many times), but then you’ll resist it because the fit is a bit off. It”pulls” at the arm holes, and that would get uncomfortable fast.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Yeah, that’s been a big frustration of mine as well. It’s definitely the style I’ve seen everywhere else I’ve been, too. Ugh. Just not the best style for my body type. At any rate, I liked this box overall, but you’re right that nothing was absolutely LOVE when I put it on. I might take a break from fixes for a bit until the styles change again. I hope this boxy style doesn’t stay “in” long – I feel like they’re all outfits my MIL would wear!

      1. YES! Precisely this! I remember once leaving my apartment for work in a new top and running into my 55yo neighbor wearing the SAME top. I do NOT want to dress like my MIL. Or like a 55yo. I know that we’re moms and all, and that the 30s are a hard decade to dress in because you’re still young, but not THAT young, but still. These clothes for the large part, are not it. There are lots of better options.

        I love the aqua top as I think the cut is classic, while the color (and hearts!) and sheerness keep it young. I don’t like anything else. Those shorts are awful. And while I like the color and the skirt part of the dress, I really dislike the top on you. I think it makes you looks bigger than you are – particularly those wide straps combined with the square neckline. Very milk-maid like, I’m afraid.

  4. You’re being too hard on yourself! The coral colored top looks really cute on you. Also, I’m not usually a fan of the style of the yellow and white dress but on you it looks great!

  5. First top with dark denim for sure! 🙂

  6. slm1441 · · Reply

    I completely agree with your assessment. The first shirt is a hell yeah and the yellow dress is a solid maybe. You look amazing in that dress, but I’m such a penny pincher that I’d be concerned that the “reusable” factor for a $77 dress may not be worth it.

  7. elizabeth · · Reply

    I really like the two tops alot! I think they’d both look great with dark denim, white, black or tan. They would also look great paired with dress pants. I absolutely love the yellow dress on you! It’s super flattering and looks comfortable. Would you wear it with a pair of flats to work maybe? I just think it’s too pretty to send back. I’m expecting my box in the next day or so. Say a prayer to the SF faries for me. I really want to love something I get.

  8. Geochick · · Reply

    Love the first blouse! I think the second blouse doesn’t have enough shape.

    Hear ya in not spending too much for shorts. I hate that too!

    I actually like the blue dress in you not looks
    Cool and fun, but if you aren’t comfy…not worth it. Yellow dress is super cute! Could you inquire about next size up or does it fit well, just hard to get on?

    1. Geochick · · Reply

      I meant the blue dress looks cool and fun. Freakin autocorrect

    2. The yellow dress actually fits well – it was just hard to zip because I don’t have go-go gadget arms to get the zipper all the way up my back very easily. 🙂 In the pic above I see a little armpit pudge, but it didn’t feel/look like that when it was on.

  9. I’d say yes to the blue shirt and the yellow dress, but only if you are going to actually wear it. I’m a long jeans in summer kind of girl so any dress feels cooler than long pants. Also, the weight of the dress makes it fit very well on you and assists in creating a shape.

    1. Yeah, I usually wear jeans in the summer as well. Not a huge fan of shorts.

  10. kaseypowers · · Reply

    Love the teal. Love the yellow, if it’s comfortable I’d keep it. I want to love the orange top, I like it form the front, but it doesn’t look quite right from the side. I’ve been finding that skinny jeans help balance the boxy style, but I’ll be happy when it’s gone. Personally, I like the shorts, for me, but not at that price.

  11. mcmissis · · Reply

    Looooove the blue shirt. I have the exact same shape dress as the yellow, but it’s solid navy in a kind of stiff t-shirt fabric, but it’s from Old Navy amd was $15! So, I have to say no to the yellow just on cheapo principle, but cheapo is not what you’re going for here; so, ignore me 🙂

    1. I’m leaning towards keeping the blue shirt and looking for a cheaper version of that dress at Old Navy 🙂

      1. mcmissis · · Reply

        This is the one I have from Old Navy. Either the prie went up or I had gotten it on sale.

  12. Love the teal shirt and I’d ditch everything else. I also want to love the coral one, but I agree that it’s boxy. I actually like the blue dress but baggy arm holes are a problem.

  13. Def keep the heart shirt. The blue “sack” dress also looks great on you, seriously! I believe everyone needs one flowy, semi-shapeless summer dress for lazy, hot days.

  14. I love the colors on you, but I get what you are saying about them having a boxy look to them. I honestly don’t like shopping for shirts, and own a lot of solid color t-shirts for that reason. I don’t typically branch out with patterns and the different cuts/materials are something I need to dive into more. I also really like the yellow dress on you, but I am picturing the heavier fabric and wondering how often you would really wear it. I’d wear it to work occasionally, would you? I also just went on a shopping spree last week for shorts and tried on several patterns and a few similar to the lightweight shorts you got and thought the same thing – that they seemed like pajamas, so they went back on the rack.

  15. All the colors are gorgeous, but I would consider the first item only although I don’t like when blouses are transparent. The blouse is being lost under the appearance of the underwear. It’s a pity that the blue dress has such ugly armpit cuts. She would,otherwise,very comfortable. The yellow one is nice,but not something you will make use of it.

    1. The first blouse actually pops more in person than it did in the picture I think. I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep it!

  16. Love the first top and love the yellow dress!!! Both look great on you! I don’t like hearts but they are hard to notice. I love that colour and it is totally something I would wear. So nice and light in the summer and such a pop of colour. And then the dress, I think fits you so well and shows off your body really well (unlike the other dress). If you have somewhere to wear it, I would definitely keep it!! So pretty!

  17. Love the dress!!! Definitely a statement piece I would keep! It’s elegant yet can still be dressed down with sandals and made casual! The right heels and accessories would make this a dynamite dress for wedding, New Years etc…

  18. yep love the first shirt and the yellow dress. the others were just – no. the shorts fit great but $88?!! yea, NO.

  19. keep the first cyan/blue shirt, it’s awesome! send the rest of it back
    love the red shirt color but I agree the fit is not flattering

  20. mcmissis · · Reply

    Oh yeah, and someone I know, who is beautiful and super fashionable, wore shorts like that to a party at our house a few weeks back, and I said to McMister how much they looked like PJ shorts.

  21. These clothes are way too expensive and not that cute. You could easily do better by shopping sales and clearance at more stylish sites like express, kohls, forever 21, jcrew, target even!

    1. Well, if you’ve been following me for any length of time, then you know that I hate going shopping, have very little sense of style anyway, and have no time or patience for doing it with 2 little kids. Of course I could find cheaper options shopping clearance at Kohls or wherever, but that would require driving 300 miles to the nearest one or shopping online, neither of which am I interested in doing. It’s worth it to me to pay a little more to have someone pick out items for me, send them to my home for me to try on, and give me ideas for how to style the items.

      1. Wasn’t trying to offend you…I just wanted to share a tip, I can only shop online cause of my small town too but once I figured out my style from pinterest ideas, I was able to expand my wardrobe so much more on a budget. It seems like the stitch fix is a fail every month.

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