The Monday Snapshot – Preschool Edition

In the mail today was a letter from the local elementary school officially accepting Stella into their pre-k program in the fall. August 31st, 2015 will be my baby’s first day of school. #HFS!

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  1. Exciting!! She is going to have a blast 🙂

  2. And I predict she’s going to love every minute of it! Hang in there mama.

  3. Kalyn · · Reply

    They are growing up so fast. Avery is going to prek too and the only reason I’m not freaking out is because we are keeping her in there for two years since she has a late September birthday.
    Didn’t we just bring them home from the hospital?

  4. slm1441 · · Reply

    Stella reminds me so much of Taylor. I know she’s going to love it!!

  5. This is crazy talk!! 🙂 Pre-K already?

    1. Yep! Our school calls it pre-school (the 3 & 4 year old class) and then kindergarten. It’s 5 days a week from 8-3:30 if I remember correctly.

  6. mcmissis · · Reply

    You know I love an HFS hashtag for other reasons when referring to school 🙂

  7. kaseypowers · · Reply

    Hard to believe these kids are getting this big! S is supposed to be “transitioning” over the summer to the new room, but there have been administrative hiccups. First official Day is September 8.

  8. Craaaaaaaaaazy. We’ve already had HGB’s kindergarten orientation and he starts Sept. 8. Very HFS!

  9. Wow! What a big girl!

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