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Fixing this to not have my location in it once we are done flying today. Ugh. I forgot I had that set to post and I hadn’t whited out our location in the photo. If anyone knows a faster way to get the image out of readers let me know!



  1. That is a very long day for a 3 year old – I am shocked! Our public preschool is very progressive for here and they do half days at 3, 5 days a week. Because studies show that that is extremely long for that age (we looked into this because of all the options we have here between full public school, state funded private, and regular private preschool), I would not start her school day any earlier than you have to, especially since she still naps. She needs her sleep! I hate saying it, but this is a downfall of kids still napping. Matthew still naps most days for 1-2.5 hours and he needs it… I have the option of afternoon preschool and we can’t do it yet! All that to say I wouldn’t bus her to school… No way. Our public school is like yours – just down the street but the bus route picks it’s up first. Awful!

    Can you take her to school earlier than you think and just have your nanny pick Harv up there instead of go to your house? That may be an option. Just take both of the kids to school to have Stella there at 7:45 and have the many met you there to get Harvey.

    1. * have the nanny meet you there at 7:50 to get Harvey.

      1. I’m not worried about the full day thing at all, honestly. I did full day 5 days a week for pre-k at age three and totally loved it. I also rode the bus for over an hour each way, so I was gone from 6:55am-4:30pm at age 3. I suppose maybe that being my own background makes this schedule for Stella not seem out of line? I’m checking the times, but the kids also have nap/quiet time at this age in the full day program I guess, so that will help a lot. There’s also no way we could afford for half day child care + half day school.

        Can’t take Harv with – 1) super annoying to get him totally dressed and loaded up, 2) no extra carseat for Nanny & she drives a lifted jeep, 3) she’s also watching my BFF’s baby so timing-wise that just wouldn’t work for that drop off.

  2. I love your blog, I really do. But I have to question this post. You have just told everyone on the internet where you live, where your 3 year old will be going to school and exactly what time she’ll potentially be getting on her bus, how long she’ll be riding it and the exact route that she’s going to be on. Every day. For the entire school year. Couple that with all the pictures of your kids online and you’ve just made it very easy for crazy sick individuals to track you down. Like I said, I love your blog and read it all the time. I’m just wondering if this is a post you may want to reconsider? I hate it, but we live in a sick world. I’m not an asshole, just a concerned mom.

    1. Yeah, I meant to edit out the names in the pic before it posted. I’m taking it off now until I can do that.

  3. Heather · · Reply

    This post still shows your location and map in your post sent to my email. Not sure how you get that changed, but I hope you can somehow. Oh and I agree with Courtney. That’s a crazy long day for pre-k! Ours in town only offers half days and I can’t imagine how exhausted Stella will be at the end of the day since she still naps. It’s a hard decision, especially with the added bus time, etc.
    Any chance they will let Stella do half days until January?

    1. Can’t change it for people who get directly to their email, but I’m not too worried about that, just assuming it’s friends that follow my blog that closely. Worrying won’t change that. *sigh*

      I have no desire to do half days for her – no way could we afford the childcare from 12-5:30 and pre-k. I think she’ll be fine – she always loved daycare and was there 7:45-5:30.

    2. Yeah, school and daycare are different, and that’s what we found in our research when deciding which route to go. Too many schools are turning into childcare, and I get it, but kids brains aren’t weird for so much learning and sitting each day. My sister is a teacher and just coached my little sister through this decision. It’s tough when both parents work, so I understand why the schools are asking this, but I don’t like it. We didn’t go full days until we were in 1st grade at age 6!

      1. I just replied to this above as well, but I totally did full days as a 3yr old in pre-k growing up (as did my siblings and friends and everyone else here) and I don’t feel like it was a detriment to our well being at that age. It’s a lot of play-focused learning – not just sitting in a chair all day. My best friend from childhood runs a daycare in our hometown now, and she has glowing things to say about the pre-k / k / elementary programs in our school – which are still full time 5 day programs.

        She will get down time during quiet/nap time too.

  4. Are you sure they don’t nap the 3 year olds at school? I always thought kids needed naps until about age 5, in fact that is our nanny’s rule for her own kiddos. I also would suggest that the nanny maybe pick Harvey up at Stella’s school at 7:50 instead of at your house.

    1. They might? I’m guessing they at least get quiet time after lunch.

      1. kaseypowers · · Reply

        I can’t see the original post – so bloglovin readers only saw the edit – (I did see the Twitter map). Commenting on the comments. My kids have always done daycare 9-6 and fine. Long days they do nap. I did just find out the the pre-k kids who are 4 do take naps. So excited Simon gets one more year of that.

  5. mcmissis · · Reply

    I’m on bloglovin and can’t see the original post, but from the comments, I hope you repost it! (without the private info) Just bc now I’m crazy curious 🙂

  6. Jos- I bet they do quiet/nap time after lunch. Pretty much everywhere does till K. Ky’s in daycare/preschool and that’s exactly what happens. Give them a shout and find out the shape of the day 😉

  7. I couldn’t see anything sweetheart. You are normally pretty good at these things so a wee slip up. Molly doesn’t have naps and hasn’t since she was 2.5 and has adapted well. They do have quiet time and down time and for kids that do sleep the chance to have a nap

  8. I would love to see this post when it is reposted. Both of our children are two weeks apart and I love reading as we go through the same stages. My oldest will start pre-k this year as well (next week actually). I swear I thought I was going to be beyond sad, but I am actually so happy and excited for her. She reminds me a lot of the way I think Stella is. Mature and very social. I think they are both going to love it and adjust to whatever their day consists of whether it is full or half day.

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