Milestones for Mister Harvey

This morning we reached a new milestone for the Harv-man. He has a pair of PJs that have trucks and cars on the pants and shirt (and apparently I don’t have a single picture of him in them?), but MAN OH MAN are they his favorite PJs to wear. Just in the past couple of weeks he always points at the trucks and smiles when I put the shirt on and tries to say “vroom.”

Well, this morning I was trying to get him dressed before his Nana came to pick him up, and HOLY HELL did he lose his mind when I stripped him down. This is a pretty regular occurrence lately so I wasn’t really paying attention to him at first. Honestly, 18ish months is not my favorite age, especially when he is not a big talker so communication is a challenge with him lately. As he scrambled into the closet where I had thrown the PJs into the hamper, I realized that he was freaking out not because I was changing him, but because he wanted to continue to wear the dang truck shirt.

How is he old enough to care about what clothes he is wearing? I liked having a little man I could dress up however I wanted to each morning! (and who am I kidding, Stella has insisted on picking out his outfits for the past couple of months – I think she’s going to be sadder than me about this development)

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  1. Holy crap when did Harvey get so big! I feel like the last 9 months have flown by! I guess that happens with your second child.

  2. slm1441 · · Reply

    Okay – that’s kind of an adorable milestone. Both my kids still let me pick out my clothes (yes, even Miss Taylor). I don’t even let them know it’s an option. I’m evil.

    However, I bought a really cute peplum top for Taylor for prek and she flat out told me, “I don’t like that shirt. It’s not ME.”

  3. He’s such a big boy. I can’t believe how fast he became a toddler! He’s so cute with those crocodile tears.

  4. That is so cute. I was so excited when I saw it was a post about the kids. It seems like you haven’t posted a post like this in a long time. Poppy loves skirts. She hasn’t thrown a fit about me taking anything off her (yet), but if she spots a skirt anywhere in the equation, game over. Nothing else will be going on her lower half than that skirt. She and Lyla also got in a massive screeching match this morning over a necklace and bracelet Lyla had on and Poppy wanted 🙂

    1. Oh yeah – Harvey ALWAYS wants Stella’s jewelry; bracelets, headband, you name it!

      I felt weird posting about the kids here for awhile and thought I’d do more little posts on the family blog, but I never did, so I might try to post more on this one about them again.

  5. I love this! My boys let me pick their clothes, but there is much excitement over shirts with cars, trucks, and “Colorado” (mountains). Matthew acts very forlorn when he’s wearing a “shirt with no pictures.”.

    Harv’s hair is so great!

  6. Ha! He’s got opinions! I feel fortunate that Freya is super verbal at this age – sending empathy about the communication struggles.

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