Stitch Fix #9 – Vegas & Fall Edition

As a quick recap, Stitch Fix is a stylist service for which you pay $20/box. The frequency of box shipments is up to you – (as often as every 2-3 weeks or on demand only), and if you keep any of the 5 items in each fix, your stylist fee goes towards the purchase price of what you keep. You give your stylist feedback on a form on their website and through Pinterest boards, blogging, etc. So far I think it’s a pretty awesome service. Some boxes have been better than others, but I like that it pushes me outside of my comfort zone to try new pieces on in the comfort of my own home, and anything I don’t like I can easily drop back in the mail in the included postage paid envelope. Pretty darn cool! My goal is to find one new piece I love with each fix, but if you love all 5 pieces, you get 25% off the entire box. I dread that ever happening to me. 😉 The pieces aren’t as cheap as you’d find on a bargain website, but I do not have the patience to shop on sites / in stores like that. It is worth every penny to have it shipped to my home and I can try the items on while the kids run around being crazy. If you’d like to try it, please sign up through me and I’ll get a $25 referral fee. Thank you! 


So I forgot to copy/paste my note to the stylist here before the box shipped, but basically I told her I was going to Vegas for a wedding next week, so I’d like clothes that could be fun for that or else clothes that would be good for work. As must as I love Stitch Fix, they’re not exactly known for their party attire or edginess, so I was curious what they would send. Without further ado, here is my 9th Stitch Fix box!


My stylist this month was Monica and she included the following note:


Not amazing, but not bad. I was excited to see what she had picked out for me to try on during this fix!

Sweet Rain (Birke Gathered Back Detail Blouse; Size M – $44)Sweet Rain Blouse

This blouse is right up my alley color-wise, so it was the first item I pulled out of the pile with high hopes of totally loving it. I tried it on with both of the pants they sent me, but honestly, I’m a little ambivalent about it when it comes down to it. I’m just not sure what to think about the back detail. Yea or nay?

Liverpool (Collen Straight Leg Jean; Size 30 – $78)

Liverpool Jean

These jeans were also “meh” once I got them on. I actually liked the fit & the cut just fine, but they didn’t quite touch the ground when I was barefoot, which means one accidental drying and they’d be way too short. I’ll spend money on jeans if I love them, but they have to be just perfect, and these unfortunately didn’t fit the bill.

Pixley (Luisa Printed Pencil Skirt; Size M – $58)

Pixley Skirt

This skirt. Man, I’m just not sure what to think about it. Without heels on it was just an awkward length that made my legs look choppy and tree trunk-y. With heels I liked it better, and the fabric was very stretchy and comfortable, but I just don’t know if I see it as something I would ever pick out of my closet. After I was writing this post I realized I was probably supposed to tuck in the blue shirt since the high-waisted pencil skirts are the style now, but I was too lazy to go back and see what that would look like. Am I just not giving this a chance because it’s so different than what I’m used to? Do you like it?

41 Hawthorne (Rosa Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse; Size M – $58)

41 Hawthorne Tab Sleeve Blouse

I can totally see this as a work shirt, and I’d probably grab it out of my closet as an option this winter/fall, but I’m not sure I’m sold on having yet another flowy 41 Hawthorne shirt in my closet. I’m ready for some different brands/styles! I think this is a return just because I’ve already kept a couple of shirts from this brand in the past and I want to break outside of that mold.

Margaret M (Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant; Size M – $98)

A few months ago I had joined a Facebook group that was to buy/sell/trade Stitch Fix items, and basically it was a massive message board where people gave tips for getting the best fixes, shared pins of the hottest new styles, and asked for feedback on their items, just like I do here on my blog. It ended up overwhelming my news feed so I left the group, but I do know that the #1 item people talked about over and over in that group was the Margaret M Emer Pants (both in prints & solids) and how amazing and fantastic and wonderful they were. Well, I didn’t see what the big fuss was, and when I saw a set of printed pants in my fix, my initial reaction was UGH.

Margaret M Emer Pant-Detail

And then I tried them on. They’re stretchy. They’re skin tight on top . They don’t have a zipper or pockets. They’re absolutely not the style I’d normally wear. They have a print for goodness sakes. But I kinda sorta love them.

WTF, right?

I mean, my butt is flat and my belly is pudgy and I’m a long way from feeling good about my body right now, but these are COMFORTABLE. I tried them on with a bunch of different shirts (2 from this fix and 2 of my own) just to see what they’d look like, and I feel like you can totally dress them up or down. These are SO far outside of my comfort zone, but I think they’re actually my favorite item in this fix. Is that crazy?

Margaret M Emer Pant

So lay it on me, friends. What are your favs? What would you say hell no to? Am I totally off base with my opinions on this? I love hearing your thoughts every month!

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  1. oooooh so much to choose from. I actually like a bit in this box! I really REALLY like the pencil skirt. If I had your legs I would literally wear nothing but skirts or shorts all.the.time – seriously. And I totally get what you mean about the grey pants. I mean they probably aren’t supposed to work but they kinda do and with so many different tops. Totally not digging the jeans (blergh, boot cut) and I also have a heap of flowy tops like that and I am not sure if it is enough to make you buy another one. Anyway skirt and pants for me. Plus loving the heel’s and Stella’s Elsa braid.

    1. LOL. It’s so funny to read this b/c I’ve literally NEVER liked my legs, so I wear shorts about 2x/year. Funny how our perceptions of each other’s bodies can be so different!

      1. Holy moly you don’t like your legs! Every time I see pictures of you is dresses showing your legs I am so envious. Yoi have fab legs!

        1. Becky I am with you girl. She has the best legs.

  2. Ok first off I’m really loving the turquoise shoes!! Anyway, I don’t like the detail on the back of the pink shirt either. From the front I do though. I’d pass on the jeans too, but I love the pencil skirt on you! It looks great! I’m liking those pants with heels too – I just might have to go look into those for myself.

    1. Those are the heels I bought for Vegas. I’m desperately searching for a hot LBD to wear to the wedding next week with them!

  3. I love everything but the jeans. I would absolutely 100% keep the pink shirt and the grey pants. I think they look fab on you and you’d get a lot of use out of both. You look smokin’ hot in the pencil skirt and heels, but if you’re not going to ever wear it then it’s probably not worth it. You do look really good in it, though, so consider it!

    1. I love these Stitch Fix posts btw. I can’t really buy any clothes right now because we are saving for a (potential) adoption, so I am loving living vicariously through you! I can’t wait for the day when I can do Stitch Fix, too!

      1. Yeah, $$ is part of the reason I try to keep it to one item kept each fix, and I only get the fixes every month or two max. It’s been a fun way to get a few quality items in my wardrobe though! Glad you like these posts. It’s way out of my “norm” for blogging, but it’s kind of fun. 🙂

  4. nonsequiturchica · · Reply

    I love reading people’s Stitch Fix posts. Maybe one day I will sign up as well.

    I would only keep the last two items. The pants look great on you!

    1. You totally should! It’s been a fun way for my non-shopping self to built up my wardrobe and get out of the habit of wearing the same style (and often same clothes) that I’ve worn for 20 years!

  5. The skirt is super sassy and looks great on you! And the pants fit you like a glove! Keep them FOR SURE. Pass on everything else.

    Seriously though, that skirt and those pants!!!! I can tell you what Charlie would choose 😉

    1. Hahahahaha. I love you.

  6. I love the pink top on you it looks fabulous!

  7. I actually love those pants as well. I LOVE the look of a well-fitting cropped-ish pant with a hot heel and those look great!!

    I also really like the fit of the skirt but maybe would choose a different print or a solid. And definitely tuck in the shirt and maybe add a hot belt.

    I’m not a fan of either shirt and the jeans are blergh.

    I’m also super super jealous of a Vegas trip.

    1. I don’t think I have ever worn a cropped-ish pant before, but I’m wearing them today at work with heels and have gotten multiple compliments already. Nobody EVER comments on my outfits! 🙂

      Vegas is for my friends’ wedding next week – I can’t wait!

  8. Of all the pants you’ve tried on, those are one of the best!

  9. I wish I had time to write more but wanted to quickly say, keep those grey pants!!! Loving those on you!!!

    And I love that skirt with a tucked in top as well!

    I know those heals aren’t from the box, but LOVE, makes me want to get some sassy heels but I know I won’t wear them.

    Not a big fan of the shirts or jeans.

    Have such an awesome trip!!!

    1. Thanks! They’re actually black with a brown pattern, but kind of go with a lot of colors, which I like. I’m wearing them today with heels at work and loving them! I’ll try to get a better picture of them.

  10. I LOVE that skirt, and btw it looks awesome on you. I think you should keep it! Also, love LOVE the print pants. They look great. I agree about the jeans and other tops…not LOVE items for me. Hope you have a great trip to Vegas, it’s such a fun city!

  11. Those pants look great with all of the tops you have, and that’s a big plus! The skirt really shows off your legs, but that print…. I don’t know. I would never wear it. If you think that you won’t wear it much, then pass. And ask them to send you a similar skirt but in a different pattern next time.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I’m leaning towards with the skirt. The print is pretty big and loud for me. 🙂

  12. I love the pants! I like the blue top, but I hear you on having too much of the same style. The skirt is meh for me. I actually like the back of the pink shirt but not really the front 🙂

  13. I like that skirt! I think you look good in it! and the pants you liked.

  14. LOVE the pants they look so good on you!!! Ok and skirt advise…keep it! It’s gorgeous! Looks fabulous on! And no you do NOT have tree trunker legs! That is your insecurity talking there! You’re fabulous and you look great!
    Have fun in Vegas! I’ll be there in 9 weeks (who’s counting!)

  15. I like the skirt on you and it gives air of freshness as well. The trousers…i wasn’t impressed with the piece itself, but they look good on you, esp with the shirts you paired them with.

  16. Ok, first I don’t know why but i so look forward to your SF posts!!!!

    So honesty I like everything but the jeans.

    Unfortunately that is a super $$$$ box!

    I think the pink shirt is different and fun. That blue shirt is a GREAT color on you and with jeans and boots and a little blazer?

    I am in love with the pencil skirt. If you don’t get that one you need to find another. It looks great on you!

    Lastly those are super fun pants!

    Tough choices for sure!

    1. It kind of makes me giggle how much people love these posts b/c it was on a total whim that I even started writing them. They’re just fun to write and I love reading everyone’s opinions!

  17. Love the pix of the kiddos playing at the end! I have a pair of the Margaret M. pants and had the same reaction you did when I received them. “I WILL NEVER WEAR THOSE UGH”. But instead? I wear them every. damn. week. They look amazing on you Jos, and they’ll totally take your work wardrobe up a notch. They did mine! I want another pair! The pencil skirt is FAB and looked great with those yellow heels. So sexy! Very chic for a night out with Charlie or a day at the office. I would wear and wear and wear the shit out of it. But I’m not you. If you really don’t think you’ll wear it, don’t bother. I thought the blue top looked beautiful on you. If it would become a standard item in your wardrobe, get it, but if you really want to branch out and feel like it’s too close to what you’ve already got, skip it. The rest of the stuff, I agree with you. Meh! xo

    1. YEP. I’m wearing them today with heels, and OMG I love them. Everyone is complimenting me on my outfit, and I am SUPER comfortable at the same time!

  18. audreyjoan10 · · Reply

    PInk shirt is an absolute YES!!! I have a couple shirts with the back that style and I love it, I think it’s in now ha! Up to you though if you don’t like it, but the color is too amazing not to keep it in my opinion.
    The Crop Margaret M Pants absolute YES!!! They look great on you and can be worn so often.

    Skirt is a no – weird print but I agree you look good in it still.
    Blue shirt is nice but not worth the $.
    Pants don’t flatter you so no.

    1. I know, I love that pink color, but I just don’t think I can wrap my mind around the style. You know me – I’m usually a year (decade?) behind, so maybe next year. 😉 I’m wearing the pants today with heels and loving them though!

  19. I have to say that, as much as I enjoy seeing your Stitch Fix posts — and I do, I like seeing the items you receive, seeing you modeling them and reading various ladies’ opinions of the various pieces — each post makes me angry at Stitch Fix for not carrying sizes over 14. WTH?

    I would totally sign up for their service, as I despise shopping in stores and would really love to refresh/update my wardrobe from the privacy my home in such a convenient way (and with the help of a stylist, no less), but I have been a solid size 16 for years, so I can’t use Stitch Fix. They’ve been saying for over two years that they are “working with” their brands to expand their sizes, and in that time they have added petites AND maternity, and still nothing over size 14.

    Anyway. . . sorry for my rant, LOL. I think the Margaret M pants are super cute, and I would buy those, if I were you. Not so sure about the rest of the pieces.

    1. Ugh, that sucks 🙁 I remember you mentioning that awhile back, but I had hoped the had increased the size options by now. I feel like many places I like don’t really carry over a size 8, so when I’m a 10-12 I feel the same frustrations. Hopefully they will expand their offerings soon!

      I’m wearing the pants today and love them! Totally worth $98. Eek!

  20. Skirt and pants! And I have those pants in black! And I LOVE THEM.

  21. […] Fix: Thanks for all of your fun feedback! I decided to keep the Margaret M Emer Pants and send everything else back, especially in light of suddenly having way more bills in our future […]

  22. Darn, missed this post. But I love those pants!!! Great choice to keep!

  23. I’m late the the party. REALLY late. I don’t know what you decided BUT…I like those last pants. Your legs look SO GOOD in them with those yellow shoes!!!!

    1. That’s totally what I kept, and I’m honestly wearing them right now. 🙂 I’ve worn them 1-2 times a week since I got them. LOVE THEM!

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