But there is no happiness without action

Powerful thoughts and words, and a call to action. ❤


“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”
– Benjamin Disraeli

You and I, we saw the photograph this week of three year old Aylan Kurdi lying facedown on a beach in Turkey.

You and I, when we saw that photo, our hearts first seized to a halt and then they beat too rapidly and threatened to burst as they expanded to hold the weight of yet another unbearable reality. We imagined that this was our own child and then we had to close our eyes and shake our heads and force ourselves to stop imagining this, or else we might pass out or throw up from the pain and the anger and the grief and the sadness.

You and I, we remembered our own child running happily on a similar beach, smiling face held up to the light and eyes shining, free from any…

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  1. Thank you for posting. It’s easy for me to ignore the news right now. It’s odd bc I used to be an insatiable news junky. So, thank you for making me look.

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  2. Yes. What mcmissis said exactly. Thank you for putting what needs to be done right in front of me. I made two donations because of you. I’d been keeping the news at bay.


  3. Oh, I have been crying and grieving for this child for 4 days now. As a mother, I find this very difficult to process. I’m so sorry for the whole family and all the people there in the Middle East. I keep watching news about this although it affects me deeply. My boy is a bit younger than Aylan and the way he was lying,so tiny and peaceful…i saw my boy there. It’s sad that we had to die for the world to react. Many children drowned before him, but perhaps the way he was lying,false impression of peace and normality of the life early taken brought waves of emotions around the world. Unfortunately, too late for him and his family. And you are so right -no happiness without n action. I will do my small part,but what bothers me is that they still let the people go on those rubber boats. What bothers me is their inhuman treatment in Hungary. It bothers me that many more children will face Aylan ‘ s destiny and yet those who could prevent it,won’t do that.
    Thank you for paying your tribute to this little boy and this cause. Only this way,we can be a wave of change and our children will be better people.


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