Stella’s First Day of School!

Spoiler alert – I missed Stella’s bus after school, I cried, and she won’t tell me about her day. Overall, I’d say that went well. 😉

Chez Scov

This morning my little girl grew up in the blink of an eye. As I wiped my eyes and ran out of her classroom before she could see me cry, I was equal parts proud that she wasn’t clinging to me as I left and sad that my baby girl was growing up. How did we get here already?

IMG_6510 Stella, Age 3 years 9 months. She picked out her dress at Target, her backpack on Amazon, and her bracelet, watch, and necklace…well, from Nana somewhere. 😉 Girl’s got style!

I asked her to smile for a couple of photos before we left to show off her backpack, and she happily obliged. 🙂

2015-09-08 07.46.11

Harvey, on the other hand, was not stoked about taking pictures or about his big sister leaving for the day.

Stella started getting really nervous as we pulled up to the school, and when she grabbed my hand…

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  1. so not your fault you missed the bus! but I would have been a MESS as well. Stella, #nailedit you little legend.

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  2. I would have been mad about the bus being early thing. Hope she did actually have a good day.


  3. I love how Stella told the driver she goes to grandma’s on Tuesdays. Smarty pants. I would have freaked and cried too….I get updates half way through the day on what was taught so I sit with LadyBug and ask her about the specific things. Helps to learn what she thought of the topics at school. Hope Stella had a fantastic first day.


  4. Adorable! I love her style. 🙂


  5. Girl has got style! What an emotional day.


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