Join Me in a Running / PiYo Challenge!

Okay bloggie friends – this is way outside of my comfort zone to post about, but I’m so excited about this challenge that I wanted to throw it out there for all of you so you could hit me up if you want more information! I know a few of you asked me about the Beachbody coaching thing on my miscellaneous thoughts post last month, and I’ll make sure to send you the information as well. With my plantar fasciitis struggles this past summer, I’ve been doing a ton of rehab on my foot, and #PiYo has been a fantastic program to help with the stretching and strength I need in my life. After a fantastic drink-filled non-healthy trip to Vegas, I’m more than ready to get back into a healthier routine, and this challenge is going to be the key. #PiYo + a running program + clean eating recipes = epic awesomeness. 😉


PiYo Running ChallengeSo here’s the deal: are you training for a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon this fall? Or do you simply just love to run? Or do you wish you liked to run? (that’s me! ha!) If so, join me for a running/PiYo challenge! #PiYo (aka Pilates and yoga on steroids) has been proven to help runners not only build necessary muscle but to also lengthen your hamstrings, which leads to a longer stride, which leads to a faster time! I haven’t been a true runner since college (about 12 years ago, yikes!), but I’m so excited to get back to it while working with PiYo as well, and I’d love for you to help motivate me and keep us all on track together! 

Here’s what you’ll get with this challenge:

  • An 8-week running/PiYo training calendar
  • A 30-day meal plan designed to help you tone up and slim down
  • Access to 100s of #cleaneating recipes only available to my customers
  • Super-food shakes that will help you build muscle, stave off cravings, promote weight loss, and MUCH more! (FYI – I wasn’t a believer in these shakes until I started actually drinking them daily, but MAN are they awesome and make such a difference. I always felt like “real” healthy people eat only real food & not shakes, but yeah, consider me a convert. Try them – you’ll like them – and they are seriously great for getting in all of those nutrients you might be lacking on from day to day!)
  • Me as your coach along the way!

Whether you’re trying out your first 5K or training for a half marathon, #PiYo is one of the best programs to help you avoid injury and maximize your runs! If you’re in, please comment below and I’ll send you some more information about the program and the private Facebook group I’ve created for the challenge.

We’re going to kick ass in this 8 week program (and then celebrate with a drink!).


  1. I am definately interest and hoping it will keep me dedicated!

    1. Great! What is your email? I’ll send you the info.

  2. This sounds awesome. I’m interested in learning more! I love PiYo — even more than regular yoga! And I’m still working on C25k!

    1. Will you send me your email address please? Thanks, E!

  3. You know I’m in! Can’t wait! I love PiYo!

  4. I was going to text you this weekend and ask if you were going to put anything on here about any coaching stuff! I figured you were waiting until after Vegas 🙂

    1. Haha, yep!

  5. What is the cost, and you know me… I don’t do shakes. 😉 I’ve got a pretty solid thing going but am open to new things.

    1. Shooting you an email in a minute! 🙂

  6. Send the info please, sounds promising.

  7. Sounds fun! My email is

    1. Awesome! I’ll shoot you an email now.

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  10. Katherine · · Reply

    I just sent you an email. I am interested!

    1. I shot you a response! Let me know if you don’t get it.

  11. Fun! I missed that you were doing the beachbody thing too. I recently signed up with a different coach who I originally know from blogworld too. I’m starting Cize & Shakeology shortly (but TBH, I’m pretty suspicious of the shake part, lol.) and I’d been using a C210k app until I got sidelined with a 6-week horrendous cough.

    1. Awh, I wish you were doing this with us! I know you’re going to see great results!

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