The Monday Snapshot – Fall Colors Edition

When Stella was 9 months old in the fall of 2012, I drove up the road about 5 miles outside of town to a pretty overlook from which one can always see some spectacular fall colors. I sat her on top of the roof of my car*, quickly took a couple of photos, and called it a day.2012

The next year I was pregnant with Harvey and I just never got around to it. We took family pictures in the fall colors, but I totally spaced going up to the spot outside of town to get a few shots of just Stella. Oops!

FamilyPhoto copy

Last year I remembered that first shot of Stella and once again made the effort to drive up the hill and recreate the shot with both Stella & Harvey on top of the car. It was a trip to see Harvey as old as Stella was in the very first photos!2014

This past weekend I realized that fall colors are one snowstorm away from being gone, so I drove the kids up the hill again and got a new picture of the two of them. I am such a sucker for these recurring photo shoots – it’s just astounding to me to realize how much the kids grow and change in a year, you know?


…and just for good measure, a few of the outtakes. My kids are so dang cute. I’m only a little biased. 🙂

*No children were harmed in the taking of these photos. I took the pictures quickly, and my kids are good at balancing. 😉
**Random fact: the peak in the background of these photos is the one I hiked the weekend before! We are about 7,000′ below it in these pictures. Kind of crazy to think about.


  1. Beautiful family!

  2. This year’s is a winner!

  3. What sweet photos!

  4. mcmissis · · Reply

    I love Stella’s sweater in the pregnant one. And this year’s is perfect! They look so much alike. How crazy that you’re thinking about SNOW already.

    1. We were between 7-8,000′ in this picture, and this morning we woke up to snow on the peaks down to about 10,000′ – so it’s definitely coming!

      1. 35 degrees here today, hottest spring day on record. BRING IT ON I say.

  5. Wow, beautiful pictures (because of your beautiful children & the beautiful scenery!). I also LOVE the recurring pics, keep it up mama….it’s so cool to see the changes! It’s crazy that snow is just around the corner.

  6. Not kidding you I could totally steal Harvey he is the most adorable kid!! The hair, it gets me every time. Stella is a babe as usual. Love the photos. Wish I could come over and have a beer and see them with you!

  7. Your babies are beautiful! My husband sees these pictures and is trying to convince me to move to Colorado – the scenery is unreal.

  8. such a beautiful over look – and kids!!! i loooove harvey’s hair, a lil halo every time 🙂

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