The Monday Snapshot – Hairstyles Edition

I’ve realized over the past four years that I’m very much a pick your battles parent… as in, I choose which battles are worth the fighting, and to me, there are a lot that just aren’t worth the tears.

Case in point – hair styles. Lately Stella LOVES to “do her hair” – which generally includes a lot of different clips & head bands. Here is the evolution of her style this morning. #SMH #LOL


  1. LOL.

  2. I could have written this. So true that hair is just not worth the fight. Even if they look a little crazy sometimes!

  3. I’ve never been good at styling my own hair, so I have very little hope for my poor girl in this department. Stella looks pretty fierce!

  4. lol. Me too! Today X went to daycare in shorts, tshirt and ski socks.

  5. Oh man! This photo series is great. My oldest wore shorts year-round for two years. I’m a pick your battles gal, too. Solidarity.

  6. Ha! We haven’t gotten to that point, Chloe still let’s me do her hair. Although she fights having it all up in a ponytail and only wants it half up.

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