WWW – Challenge Check-In

Phew – how is it Wednesday already? I feel like the days and weeks are flying by this fall & now snow is almost here, but isn’t that the way life goes?

Well, I’m 3 1/2 weeks into my 8 week challenge, and I’m feel pretty good. This week has been a bit of a reset week for me thanks to a lot of drinking and cavorting last weekend (it was my FIL’s 60th birthday party and we had a ton of friends in town from far away to celebrate with us, so you know we did that up right!), but you know what? It’s okay to indulge a bit and live life and then get back at it.

Overall I’m actually up a couple of pounds, but I’m hoping that’s a combination of a new workout program causing my muscles to retain water + me not dialing in as hard as I should on my diet. This week I’ve been getting back at it with tracking my foods and drinking my Shakeology, and I’m already feeling much better. Slowly but surely my clothes are fitting better too, and that’s what really matters, right?! 🙂

2015-10-21 08.55.35

Also, last Friday I took the leap and purchased an annual ski pass for myself for the first time in probably 7 years. Eek! They are crazy expensive here (over $1k crazy), but I really want to make an effort to get out and enjoy the mountain this winter. It’s fantastic exercise, a great way to hang out with friends, AND it something I want to get Stella into this year! Her season pass was only $25, so the hope is to get her comfortable on the mountain this year as well. I can’t wait!

Finally, I’ve already posted about this on my Facebook page, but I wanted to throw it out here as well. A few of my fellow coaches and I are going to run a big group “Fit Through the Holidays” challenge that will start on November 2nd (so you should try to order in the next week at the latest). If you want to participate, it’s simple: All you need to do is choose your Beachbody workout—Insanity MAX30, 21 Day Fix, Cize, PiYo, TurboFire, Body Beast, and dozens more! And here’s what you get in return:

✔Family- and kid-friendly meal plan and access to 100s of ‪#‎cleaneating‬recipes!
✔Chances to win AWESOME prizes including workout DVDs, apparel, and much more!
✔Access to our 6-day clean eating reset, which will ignite your metabolism and kick start your weight loss!
✔Unlimited support and accountability through our challenge group!
✔ Me AND my co-coaches as your coaches the whole way through!

Also, whoever gets the most people to join our challenge group wins a prize worth $109! Feel free to send this info to anyone you think might be interested.

The honest truth? I have had to DRAG myself out of bed every morning this week, but I feel so awesome after I get my ‪#‎PiYo‬ workouts in that it’s motivation enough to get me to continue to do it! Join me on this journey!


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  1. I’ve been awful this past week…. AWFUL. But I remind music of what you said… Have fun, but get back at it!

    Here’s to a better wed-wed for us both!

    Still loving those socks!!!!

    1. What size do do you wear? These are only in one size. Do you think they’d fit my size 11 canoes?

      1. I wear a 9.5. Probably small on you. I’ll text you a pic.

  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Your body looks amazing in that outfit, and I think we have the same phone case 🙂 Keep up the healthy posts! It’s wonderful inspiration.

    1. Lifeproof? aka kid & pool proof? 🙂

  3. I LOVE this challenge! Count me in!!!!

  4. Also, you look AMAZING!

  5. You’re looking really great, Josey!! And I adore those socks!!

  6. […] about some new programs and videos and decided to just jump in and join Josey on her “Fit Through the Holidays” challenge.  My friend has the PiYo DVD’s she’s giving me and Josey was kind […]

  7. […] about some new programs and videos and decided to just jump in and join Josey on her “Fit Through the Holidays” challenge.  My friend has the PiYo DVD’s she’s giving me and Josey was kind […]

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