Some Days…

Some days...

  • Some days you are running behind because both of your kids ended up in your bed at 5:15am (UGH) but somehow they magically both fell back asleep so you cuddled with them until 6:15am until you silently crept out of bed started your workout late.
  • Some days you decide to pack your kid’s school lunch for the first time because she has a field trip and because of your procrastinating you don’t have time to make your own breakfast.
  • Some days you are running crazy behind when your mother-in-law shows up to get the kids and you make it to your weekly office meeting 5 minutes late and you feel like a failure when it comes to being organized and on top of things.
  • Some days you get a call from your mother-in-law that the field trip you got your daughter psyched up for was actually scheduled for tomorrow – oops. Related, you still haven’t had breakfast.
  • Some days you decide to eat your salad at 10am because you’re so hungry, but you realize too late it has red onions on it and now your entire office hates you.
  • Some days you spend your morning at work on the phone with the tow company trying to talk them into towing your husband’s stupid truck for less than $200 so you can spend $12,000 fixing it. #headdesk
  • Some days it’s not even noon and you just want to go back to bed.

But some days…

  • Some days you wake up full of joy for a close friend who finally felt comfortable coming out and telling the world who he is and you rejoice that your husband has such great friends and that #loveislove.
  • Some days you wake up and sing happy 60th birthday to your father-in-law and reflect on how lucky you are to have such fantastic in-laws.
  • Some days you are happy that you crushed the workout you didn’t want to start, and you look at your progress pics from the past 4 weeks and realize that every single workout has been worth it.
  • Some days you rejoice in the fact that you have great friends and a great family and that overall, you are so freakin’ happy.
  • Some days you thank the Lord that you live in this beautiful little town that is a pretty amazing place to raise your kids.

Some days you just have to choose to remember the good instead of the bad. The exciting instead of the terrifying. The joy instead of the stress. And the love. Always the love.


  1. Great progress! I hate taking the before pics…. It’s so hard to let it all hang out. You even know why you’re doing it, but it’s hard. We are trained from day one to hold it in. 😉

    Now that I’m off the pill, most days are diamonds. Some are stones, but if most can be great, then I’m winning. 😵

    So happy for your friend!!!!

  2. Thanks for this 🙂 Reminded me to be thankful for the good things overall even if the day starts out as a rough one! (Case in point, we had a amazing vacation but had a sick little one with a long drive home recently but overall we had a great family trip!)

  3. audreyjoan10 · · Reply

    Great post. We are so blessed aren’t we?! You look amazing by the way.

  4. Some days you spend 2 1/2 hours in the dentist chair and then get told as you walk out that it will cost $1,000 out of pocket😡

    But seeing YOUR progress pic just made my morning anyway! Way. To. Go. Rockstar(‘s) Mama!

  5. sangela71 · · Reply


  6. Lovely post. And I am impressed with your before and after pics!

  7. Looking good lady! I’m sorry some days are bad, but elated that some days are so, so good.

  8. Holy crap, Jos! You’re looking amazing!! Please give us all the details!!

    Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I love this post. Most days are a mix of both the good and the bad so you’re right – it’s important to always choose what we focus on. And I love Charlie’s face in that pic of his dad’s party!

  9. Love this. All so true. Focus on the positive and the other stuff will fall into place. You look awesome! Way to keep working hard!

  10. I have been in such a down place lately (hence not posting for a freaking month) and so reading this makes me feel better that a) it’s not just me, and b) I need to remember to focus on the good things in life. You look amazing by the way!!

    1. We all go through those phases for sure. <3 Hang in there hon.

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