Lost My Name – A Book Review & A Giveaway!

So a few weeks ago I kept seeing an ad on Facebook for these books called “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” and “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name.” Stella is ALL about letters and writing people’s names, so I finally clicked on it to see what this book was all about and I was totally hooked!

Their website is incredibly easy to navigate – you simply enter up to 12 characters for the name, and then you pick your child’s sex and “adventurer” profile, and away you go!

Boys Girls

The cool thing is that there are multiple options for the different letters (so for Stella’s “e” I chose an Elephant and for Harvey’s “e” I chose an Elk), and it’s just a neat story about how the child goes on an adventure and talks to different animals to find his/her lost name. Both of my kids are totally enamored with their books, and the REALLY cool thing is that Lostmy.name offered to do a FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY to one of my readers! I literally don’t think I have ever done a giveaway in 6 years of blogging, but I love this book so much that I’m quite excited about this!

To enter, just comment below with your name/email filled out and who you’d like to get the book for, and I’ll do a random drawing on Friday to pick the lucky winner.

Even if you don’t win, please use my referral code if you decide to order a book because it gets you 15% off (shipping is free!) and gets me a chance to get their new book, “The Amazing Alphabet That Appeared In The Night.” It’s a win/win!

*ETA – I forgot to say that Lost.MyName provided me with one book free of charge for this review (I paid out of pocket for the 2nd one) and gave me one code to give away to a loyal reader!


  1. SO adorable! I love this!! Blake/blakemiller23 [at] gmail [dot] com and it would be for my 4 year old!!! She’d LOVE this, too!

  2. Enter Me!!! Looks Cool

  3. My mom got Blakely this book for her birthday and it is so fun. She loves it! I’ll enter and either get one for Benton or Emery! southernprincesskellygmailcom

  4. What a cute book!!

    Jen – jenniferakelly1011@gmail.com – would love to win this for my daughter Scarlett (due 2/2016)

  5. This is so cool. Would love to win one for my son Lucas or for the little one due in January. Either way I will probably order one, it’s a very cool idea.

  6. sangela71 · · Reply

    I’ve been seeing ads in my Facebook newsfeed for these books, too, and have been thinking of ordering them for my sons. My email is sangela71@yahoo.com, and my sons are Alex and Mason. 🙂

  7. Jessica Mumford · · Reply

    Jessica Mumford jessicamumford@hotmail.com I’d LOVE this for my 2-year-old!

  8. For my son Julian. amandaeperrine@gmail.com

  9. my sweet baby boy!

  10. How exciting! Congrats on your first giveaway 🙂

    The “Lost My Name” book sounds a lot like the “Wonderous World Of” books I got the boys last year, but I want one just the same 🙂 I’ve seen the ads on Sprout a lot lately. I’d love one for Liam, since his personal library isn’t extensive like Gavin’s is. muddybootsndiamonds {at} gmail {dot} com

  11. nonsequiturchica · · Reply

    I have been seeing that FB ad as well and have been intrigued. The book would be for my daughter, Izzy and my email is nonsequiturchica (at) gmail (dot) com.

  12. I already won a parking spot at my son’s school for this month which means my luck has run out, but I’ll enter anyway. 😉 I guess I would pick Noah for this since he’s way into learning to read right now.
    Thanks for always sharing such great stuff!

  13. Cute book! I hadn’t heard of it before, but anything that helps with letters sounds like a plus! The book would be good for both Chloe and Drake. Good luck with your first giveaway!

  14. Looks awesome! My son Logan would love it.

  15. I absolutely adore personalized books! I’d love to win this for Charlotte!

  16. I love these books and ordered like 6 for Christmas presents last year! But they’ve definitely advanced since then, because at the time you couldn’t pick the main character or the animals used for the letters. So it’s very cool how they’ve improved!

    Anyway, I didn’t get one for Andy at the time, so if I win I’d definitely do his.


    I do think the stories can get a little long, so I recommend people get a nickname if they use it. I got one for a Christopher and it’s really too long for a preschooler. Or at least my preschooler (5 letters was plenty for Sofia!). What do you think?

    1. mcmissis · · Reply

      We have one for my daughter Gracie, and it was even too long for her when we first got it. Great suggestion on using a nickname for longer names! I can’t even imagine reading one for a Christopher hahaha 🙂

    2. I know with the shorter names they actually flesh the books out with a few extra pages so even the nick names will have plenty of pages. I definitely think Christopher would be pretty long! LOL

  17. Erin Smith · · Reply

    I’ve also seen the ads and plan on getting them for my girls for Christmas. Would love to win one
    Erin – elsmith519 at gmail.com
    For Alexis

  18. I would love to get this for my youngest daughter Beatrice since all her books are hand-me-downs from her older sisters. 🙂

    (Email submitted with comment.)

  19. Such a cool book idea!! I would love to get one for my son, Finn.


  20. Janice Burns · · Reply

    Love this idea! I get one for my niece Jocelyn! janicepburn(at)gmail (dot) com

  21. […] I’m so new to this giveaway game that I had to google how to pick a winner for the free book giveaway I wrote about on Tuesday, but I finally found a site & got it done. Without further ado, the […]

  22. I love personalised story books. I remember a cool book my parents gave my sister and I. They were personalised with our very own names but they were spelled backwards. So my character was a elephant named ‘Nomis’. I thought that was so awesome at the time. My sister’s book had a lion named ‘Einnob’. I still like to call her that every now and again…. and she’s 42.

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