MMM – These are a Few of My Favorite THings

Last weekend I got a Friday night dinner with my family & Saturday night date night with my hubby – both at our favorite restaurant in town. There’s something to be said for consistency, right? 😉2015-11-13 18.22.14 2015-11-14 20.16.09


  1. Are you guys same side sitters while on dates? Or was this just for the picture?

    1. Hahahaha! Charlie would NEVER allow sitting on the same side. We are almost always bar-side sitters when we are on dates. 😉 On Saturday we actually ate at home, then went out for drinks and then out to the local distillery & sang karaoke. Fun night!

      1. hahah this made me laugh. Same side sitters are the worst!

  2. Is beer the favourite thing 😉

  3. Looks delicious! I’m a creature of habit and I love going to the same places.

  4. Why mess with a good thing?! Looks delicious! I really need a date night!!!

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