Being a Mom CAN Mean Putting Yourself First

You’ll never again hear me blame the state of my body & health on my pregnancies, because whether you gestated the child yourself or became a parent through adoption, I’ve realized that parenting is a serious time suck (in the best of ways of course) and the effect of that is often that we let our own self care go first. I get it. It’s insanely difficult to accomplish work and parenting and fitness and cooking healthy meals and everything else that is in our days. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

I shared Stacey’s story on my Facebook Page as a #TransformationTuesday story yesterday, but since I tend to do my health & fitness check-ins on Wednesdays on this blog, we’ll call it a tardy transformation Tuesday story here today. 😉

Stacey is a Mom (of 4!) and one of my teammates & fellow Beachbody coaches. She used the 21 Day Fix exercise & nutrition program that I love so much and have seen such great results with myself. Big thanks to Stacey for giving me permission to share her story with you. Let me know if you want to learn more about this awesome program!

Think it’s impossible….think again! I am sharing this to hopefully INSPIRE that one person who thinks he or she can’t change. Who thinks she is just the way she is. Who thinks this is all there is to life to muddle thru and barely hold on each day. Who thinks, “I could never do “that OR be like that.

I was YOU not that long ago.

I couldn’t do one push up. I couldn’t go on a hike without wheezing. I was too busy to work out or eat right. I had 4 kids including a 5 month old baby. Struggling. Tired. Bitter at what life had thrown me. No energy to play with my kids. Settled for mediocre. Fighting years of voices saying I could NEVER be someone different. Guess what? I fought back. I did something about it. I changed my story. Are you ready to change yours?

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Transformation Tuesday

Isn’t that an awesome transformation? Being a Mom does NOT need to mean you’ll never be fit and healthy again.

What I love about the 21 Day Fix program is that it’s NOT about some crazy restricting diet – it’s about eating proper proportions of real food – and the workouts are all done in 30 minutes, so it’s totally doable to fit them into your busy day.

Let me know if you’d like to know more! This particular challenge pack is on sale through the end of the month (yay!), and I’m running a 21 Day Fix “Merry FIX-Mas” challenge with two of my fellow coaches from November 30 – December 20 between the holidays. Follow our “event” page to learn more about it. I’d love if you joined us!

Merry FIX-mas (2)


  1. OMG Her transformation is HUGE! And, yes, too often we put ourselves last. I’ve found that when I’m a little selfish and give me some “me time” by getting up early to workout, I am a MUCH better mama because of it.

    1. Yes! My kids can tell when I haven’t worked out. I get pretty grumpy!

  2. Wow, she’s had amazing results!! Good for both of you mamas! I’m going to try my best to adhere to your “rules” of making time for ME after the baby gets here too! It’s so important, I agree!

  3. elizabeth · · Reply

    Holy moly! She looks great! I really need to get my butt in gear and loose a little & tone up.

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