Stitch Fix #11

I picked up my newest Stitch Fix box on my lunch hour yesterday, and for the first time in 4 years, instead of getting out of work at 5-5:30pm, I got out at 8pm. SHOOT ME NOW. Not only did I not even get to see my kids before bedtime, but I also was dying to see what was in my fix! Today I had to go back into the office for a bit, but I finally got home and put Harvey down for a nap and got a chance to try everything on. 🙂 Without further ado, here is this month’s box!


At first glance, I wasn’t sure what to think. It’s definitely not my normal color palette (I’m usually drawn to black or jewel tones, not earthy greys and tans and such), but as usual, I figure if I wouldn’t have picked any of these items off the rack myself, it means I should give it a shot!

I mixed and matched all 5 of these items along with 3 items I just ordered from the Nordstrom’s Rack clearance sale. I’d love it if you helped me decide what to keep!

KUT FROM THE KLOTH (Stefany Printed Slim Straight Leg Pant – $78)

2015-11-20 13.09.52

Um, who the heck am I? I freaking love print pants now. Seriously. These have a little bit of stretch and pattern and they’re easy to dress up or dress down. I love them! You can see the pattern in the middle photo of the picture below. The jeans on the edge are the other pair from this fix.

2015-11-20 12.49.47

I like that they’re slim enough to tuck into my Sorels that I wear almost every day in the winter, but are a straight leg instead of skinny so they help balance my proportions a little. My stylist suggested pairing these pants with:

41 HAWTHORNE (Jenee Pullover Sweater – $68)

2015-11-20 12.33.18

I’m not sure what to think about this sweater. Totally not my usual style (not that I have much) – neither the color nor the color blocking, but it FEELS great against my skin, the sleeves are long enough (I can’t stand short sleeves), and it would definitely add variety to my closet. Thoughts?

Next Monica suggested pairing the other pair of jeans with a v-neck top…and then layering it with the 5th item, an open knit cardigan.

LAILA JADE (Bali V-Neck Top – $44)

2015-11-20 12.36.37

This is a faux suede top. BIZAARE. I feel like I owned something like this in the mid-90s. Is that back in style? I love the color but I’m just not sure about the feel / style of the shirt. Thoughts?

2015-11-20 12.08.57

BRIXON IVY (Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan – $68)

This cardigan doesn’t actually close – the edge panels are sewn back so those are big open panel pockets on the sides. Very different, but pretty neat too. 🙂

2015-11-20 12.37.42LEVEL 99 (Kris Skinny Jean – $108)

I’m torn on these pants. They fit fine, they’re great with boots, but they’re pretty pricey. However, if I get all 5 this box (I’ve never done that!) I’d save 25% on everything, so maybe?

2015-11-20 12.49.03

Then I have my Nordstrom Rack items. I ordered 2 pairs of jeans and a sweater. I LOOOOVE the BoBeau purple fleece wrap cardigan ($40). That’s for sure a keeper. 🙂 I’m also keeping the KUT from the Kloth Chrissy Stretch Flare leg jeans ($98). I’m a little worried I should have ordered a size down, but they are SO comfy, and I’m pretty stoked to have a pair of black flares. Apparently they’re all the rage this season. 😉 The 2nd pair of pants just arrived yesterday as well though, and they’re the ones I’m torn on. They’re 7 For All Mankind Kimmie Bootcut Jeans ($133). I like them, they’re comfortable, and they fit well…but that’s a lot of money, and when I have SF items I’m liking too, I just can’t justify spending that much money on clothing this month, so I think they’re going back. Thoughts?

2015-11-20 12.35.01

The Cardigan paired with the KFTK print pants from my SF above

2015-11-19 10.53.42

This isn’t a great pic of the KFTK black flare pants, but they’re SO comfy. That’s a SF sweater from last winter and a scarf I kept from Jaime’s closet after she died. <3 

2015-11-20 12.46.35

The 7 For All Mankind bootcut jeans. I actually like the higher mid-rise on them and they look nice, but $132 nice? Meh…

So there ya go! Is this a keep all 5 month? Or just keep an item or two? Charlie made fun of me for all the shopping I’ve been doing lately, but thanks to my Beachbody coaching, I’m working out, feeling better about myself, and making a little extra money that I can use to splurge on myself. So there, honey! LOL


As a quick recap, Stitch Fix is a stylist service for which you pay $20/box. The frequency of box shipments is up to you – (as often as every 2-3 weeks or on demand only), and if you keep any of the 5 items in each fix, your stylist fee goes towards the purchase price of what you keep. You give your stylist feedback on a form on their website and through Pinterest boards, blogging, etc. So far I think it’s a pretty awesome service. Some boxes have been better than others, but I like that it pushes me outside of my comfort zone to try new pieces on in the comfort of my own home, and anything I don’t like I can easily drop back in the mail in the included postage paid envelope. Pretty darn cool! My goal is to find one new piece I love with each fix, but if you love all 5 pieces, you get 25% off the entire box. The pieces aren’t as cheap as you’d find on a bargain website, but I do not have the patience to shop on sites / in stores like that. It is worth every penny to have it shipped to my home and I can try the items on while the kids run around being crazy. If you’d like to try it, please sign up through me and I’ll get a $25 referral fee. Thank you!


  1. I think all 5 items look great on you and are keepers! That color blocking top is not something I would select and now I will have to look for something similar. It’s really different.

    If you have to return something. I’d return that last pair of pants from Nordstrom Rack. I think the SF stuff is a better fit on you.

  2. Loooooooooove the cabled cardigan. Love it. Love it a lot.

    1. I thought of you when I put it on 🙂 I kept it!

      1. Yessssss! I may have spent waaaaay to much time looking for a similar knitting pattern writing after reading your post. Even though I am currently knitting my dream cardigan and spent and embarrassing amount on the yarn. ANYWAY. Fab cardi!

  3. I LOVE all of the SF items this month….they all look great, are good colors on you, and fit you well! As for the seven for all mankind jeans, I LOVE them…but I know what you mean about the cost. I had a pair when I graduated college (several sizes ago) and LOVED them, wore them practically every day so I prob got my money worth out of them. If you’re just planning to wear them a few times a month they may not be worth it…just a thought. Also, btw…I know you said that last sweater was already in your closet and the scarf was from Jamie…but that combo looks great on you, love the fall colors!

  4. audreyjoan10 · · Reply

    Love the cardigans!!!! All of them. Love the printed pants, the skinny Jeans and black flare, but the last pair of boot cut from Nordstrom I would send back. The color block shirt is not my favorite, looks weird with the split color right on your butt. The v neck shirt fits awesome but don’t love the fabric at all. You look hot!!

  5. All those boring colors? That’s my entire wardrobe 🙂 I’m a sucker for brown, tan, beige, I could go on. I can’t give an opinion on the pants because they all look similar to me and great on you. I LOVE the open sweater. When I first scrolled down to the color block one, I admit my immediate thought was, “What on Earth is going on here?” but when my eyes settled in, I thought you looked SO FIT in it. I know Audrey said the split color on your butt was weird, but it made me think, “Holy crap her butt looks perfect.”

  6. elizabeth · · Reply

    Keep it all! I also received the cardi in my fix and I love it.

  7. Ohhhh I have a pair of Sorel’s, the short ones and LOVE them!

    I say the skinny jeans, purple wrap for sure, and the color block is nice. The suede v neck I wasn’t crazy about or the bootcut jeans.

    I love lace and more unique items…lately I am into skinny dark jeans daily (am a SAHM) and a feminine top with some jewelry, I have been loving Buckle tops lately and a few Anthro tops on clearance.

    I am tall and on the thinner side (almost 5’9″ and 121 lbs) but I have a really long torso, not super long legs so I look for longer looser tops with tight jeans. I love that look 😉

  8. First of all, what the heck is going on with your hair – I love it! So wavy and pretty!

    So the photo that popped up in my reader was the one with the pants, sorrels, and the funky cardigan and I gasped out loud, I loved it! I have a thing for sorrels, so maybe that’s why, but the whole outfit looks great! I don’t like the color block top. I LOVE the V-neck – it’s perfect for you! The brown cardigan is FANTASTIC, as is the purple one.

    OK – so here’s some honesty. Don’t keep a single pair of the pants. WHY? Well, you’re working your ass off to slim down and you will regret spending that kind of money on pants you can no longer wear. Seriously. And, your current body will stretch them out (hips, ass, waist) in irreparable ways and even if you think, “I’ll wear a belt,” they’ll look terrible and you’ll have saggy butt going on. RETURN THEM ALL. Revisit in a month. TRUST ME. 😉

    They knocked it out of the park with the tops!

    1. Just saw this post in my reader again. The pic in my preview is the purple cardigan. Fantastic!!!!

    2. moonstone106f · · Reply

      She’s right about the pants. The colour block top is not a great shape for you. The faux suede top though is really flattering on your waist x

      1. moonstone106f · · Reply

        Just had another look….if you’re serious about losing weight/toning up then buy nothing just now. You’ll only regret it later. X

        1. moonstone106f · ·

          Save save save and you can splurge on hottie clothes! X

    3. …haha. I took a solid 10 minutes to actually curl my hair for once. Apparently I should do it more often. 😉

  9. I like everything but the faux shirt. The color-blocking sweater looks especially good on you.

  10. I don’t like that color block top at all. Everything else is great! Maybe send the 7 jeans back–to expensive and the black ones are way better. I usually get my 7s on eBay, used for a fraction of the price!

  11. The color block top is not my thing. It screams 80s to me. I also don’t think a simple faux-suede t-shirt is worth $44. I love the cardigan, and all of the pants/jeans fit great! However, those last jeans are not worth $132 IMO.

  12. Those first jeans are really good.

  13. I don’t have time to write much but loving everything this month! Great box!! My favs are that knit cardigan and those first print pants. Love!!! I really like the v-neck but is a bit pricey for a tee. But I do think everything looks great… and you look fabulous girl!!!

    1. Those are the two items I kept!

  14. Interesting how everyone is rather divided this month. Personally I don’t love a single thing from the fix… I really dislike the color block top. The lines are just odd and confusing. The green top is pretty but I’m not at all sold on the fabric…

    I do however love the purple cardigan and absolutely ADORE the black and white cardigan (where did you get that?! I need and have been looking for one!!).

    And did you get your hair cut? It (and you!) looks so pretty!

    1. B&W cardigan is from a little local shop and I got it for like $25. 🙂 It’s different, but I love it.

    2. moonstone106f · · Reply

      I agree. The black and white cardi outfit above is the best of the lot x

  15. […] side note – everyone that complimented me on my hair in my Stitch Fix post on Friday cracked me up. I had just made the effort to curl it for the first time in months that day & […]

  16. So, I’m totally behind and you already decided, but…I loved the cardigan, and the pants from your box. The color block top is interesting, and I’m wondering if it’s one of those items that looks better in person than photographed. I can totally see that happening. The faux suede? I’m with you, meh.

    I need that purple sweater from Nordstrom. Seriously, I’m going to go look for it right now.

  17. I had to check out this post because HAIR! And yes, so pretty!

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