MMM – Hairstyles Edition

Over the weekend I went in for a cut & color, and I am so not happy with how it turned out. Ugh.

*Random side note – everyone that complimented me on my hair in my Stitch Fix post on Friday cracked me up. I had just made the effort to curl it for the first time in months that day & that was the only difference. Ha! Thanks for all the feedback as well – I kept the KFTK pattern pants and the cream cardigan and sent the rest back. I wore the pants with that purple cardigan that I got last week and felt so great for date night that night!


At any rate, I’m going in tonight to get my hair color fixed & the cut done, and I sent my hairstylist (and friend) this pic this morning and asked if I could get something like this done instead:


Harvey is WAY into doing his hair like big sis lately, and I totally love it. 🙂


  1. Too bad it’s not long enough for a man bun. My brother has one 😳

  2. Too cute!

    1. Good luck with the hair -“Redo” tonight!

  3. I noticed the curliness in your stitch fix post and thought it looked great too! 🙂 I hope you like your re-do!! And also, great choices on the stitch fix keeps this month. Those were my favs!! And love Harv’s hair too!! 😉

  4. Haha! This is too cute!! Hope your hair turns out the way you like as well!

  5. I’ve started having Q cut my hair since NO MATTER what I detest whenever someone cuts my hair. I tell them what I want. Or show pictures…. to no avail! Ahhhhhh! Happy Thanksgiving!

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