This morning I woke up at 5:30 and panicked when I realized I hadn’t wrapped Stella’s birthday presents and we hadn’t made the cupcakes for her to bring to class and GOOD LORD I feel like I’m failing as a parent lately. Gah! I skipped my workout, wrapped the gifts, and got out of the shower just in time for Charlie and I to walk into her room and wake her up by singing happy birthday to her – as she had specifically requested last night since that’s what we did last year. How in the world did she remember that anyway?!

She responded by waking with a scowl and “Mommmmm, Dadddddd, I said I wanted you to sing happy birthday to me WITH my presents!”

Are you 4 or 14, child?

We assured her that there were presents wrapped and ready for her downstairs if she would just smile and get out of bed. Kids.

The morning went slightly smoother after that – she loved her presents (a purple Yumbox lunchbox and a whole box of my old scrapbooking scissors and gel pens that I just found and repurposed as birthday gifts *grin*) and then she & Harvey “helped” me make the cupcakes. She’s helpful – Harvey not so much. I’ll have to run home at lunch after my morning meetings in order to frost them and bring them to her classroom for afternoon snack, but at least they’ll make it to her school, right?

Welcome to year four, my crazy lovely amazing child. May it be your best year yet. ❤



  1. Happy birthday, cutie!


  2. Happy birthday, little one!

    It seems crazy that she’s 4 already and at the same time like you were pregnant with her AGES ago. Have a good day 🙂


  3. Aww, Happy Birthday, Stella!


  4. Happy birthday, Stella! You look so much like your daddy in these photos! I bet your friends loved your cupcakes!


  5. You are not failing at parenting! this is NORMAL. Well done on the presents – Molly loves scissors as well 🙂 Happy birthday crazy gal! xx


  6. Happy day Stella!


  7. Happy Birthday, Stella!!!

    G is really into scissors as well. I could repurpose a bunch of scrapbook stuff for Christmas or his birthday and he’d be ecstatic!


  8. St. Elsewhere · · Reply

    Happy Happy Birthday, Stella! I still remember her birth.

    I don’t let Figlia get close to scissors…esp now that M wants everything in her hands.

    These kids are amazing!


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