Happy Tuesday everyone!

Well, my health & fitness progress has been a bit all over the board during the first half of December. That seems to happen around the holidays, eh? 🙂 Overall I’ve been keeping up with my workouts 5/7 days at least, and I’m usually making better food & alcohol choices, so I’m going to call that a win. Ha! My goal is to keep at it these last 16 days of 2015 so I’m feeling pride and not regret come January 1.

Today I want to give a shout out to my coach and friend and fellow IF blogger, Blake. We first met years ago in the infertility trenches, and after having her gorgeous daughters she has really refocused on her own personal health & fitness goals, and she is TOTALLY kicking ass!  She started using Beachbody earlier this year – check out her transformation below. She is so fit and STRONG and healthy and inspiring to me. Way to go, Blake! <3Blake_Transformation

Blake is the reason I finally decided to get my own butt in gear again, and I’d love to do the same for you! Please always feel free to drop me a comment below or via e-mail, reach out through my FaceBook page or private message, or comment on Instagram. I would love to give you more information about how to start your own transformation journey!


  1. Does a person have to be online at the time when you are coaching or the recording of the exercises is available?

    1. The exercise programs are available on DVD, and when you buy them that way, you also have streaming access to them online 24/7. It’s not actually me leading the workouts! 🙂

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