Stitch Fix #12 – The Keepers

It was SO fun to read all of your opinions on this last fix when you weren’t influenced by my thoughts on the items. 🙂 Honestly, I started out thinking the whole box was okay and actually contemplated keeping the entire thing for the $80 discount. Then I decided I should only keep one item for money reasons, but in the end I ended up keeping two. You all were pretty all over the board with your opinions, but I was pretty much in line with the general consensus on the items I think!

IF BY SEA (Gallen Quilted Puffer Jacket – $88)

  • Loved the color.
  • Liked the cut.
  • Felt a little small overall, especially in the arms.

MARKET & SPRUCE (Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater – $58)

  • Liked the fit
  • Liked the style
  • Blergh on the color

41 HAWTHORNE (Ackley Houndstooth Print Blouse – $68)

  • Meh. Would have made a fine work shirt, but I already have a few shirts that cut and don’t really want more.
  • The color was also blah.

MARKET & SPRUCE (Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt – $48)

  • LOVED IT. So didn’t think I would like a plaid shirt. But this was definitely a keeper. 🙂

ABSOLUTELY (Dedi Side Slit Pullover Sweater – $58)

  • This is the item I was really on the fence about – both before and after reading all of your comments. However, Charlie actually liked it, and I liked that it was SO different from anything in my closet. I decided to try it with skinny jeans, tall black boots, and a scarf, and I actually liked it a lot like that! I wore this outfit to work today, and all of my coworkers commented on how much they loved it! It’s really hard to photograph well, but it’s really pretty darn fun in real life. Kept!

So there ya go – I ended up keeping 2 items, but I think they’ll both be very different, fun items to have added to my closet. I think I’m actually getting into this shopping thing… LOL

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  1. Ah, good! That sweater was by far my favorite thing in your box! I, too, thought it looked different than anything else I’ve seen you wear.

  2. Yay!!! Glad you kept the slit sweater, and the plaid shirt. Great choices!

  3. Yessssssssss. That sweater <3

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