I’ve seen quite a few posts floating around the internet for the past week talking about people’s “one word” for the year. I started out thinking that it’s really hard to figure out the ONE thing I want to commit to this year, and then it hit me – FOCUS.

things-you-should-focus-onAll day long I am being torn in a million directions. Part of that is just my reality of being a Mom who works FT outside the home who is trying to work on self care and parenting her faith and her marriage and many other things all at once. BUT. I’m highly distractable these days and I feel like I’m never truly focusing on what’s in front of me because I can’t quit thinking about the NEXT thing, so that’s my goal for this year. To FOCUS.

To be present.

To give 100% to whatever I’m working on at that point in time.

To shut Facebook when I need to get work done.

To not feel bad staying up an hour later when I want to have some ME time and cruise Facebook and blogs.

To workout HARD and not let that focus slip on weekends.

To not have my phone in my hand while I talk to my husband or watch a show with him.

To complete a game with my kids without *always* taking a photo.

To take the time to sit down and edit all those photos I love so much and actually put them into albums.

To focus on whatever it is I’m doing in that moment and really FEEL it and give it 100%.

So that’s my word and that’s my goal – to focus.

How about you?



  1. Good one!

    Brian begs me to not photograph every moment and just engage. He’s right.

    1. mcmissis · · Reply

      Have you seen the Husbands of Instagram video?

      1. No?

  2. Joy is my word!
    Serve is Craig’s.

    Focus is a wonderful word for the year.

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    I am do addicted to my phone it’s crazy :/ Good goal.

  4. kaseypowers · · Reply

    Good word. I haven’t done a word in a few years and am not really planning one now. But this is going to be the year of the dissertation. Can that be a word?

  5. sangela71 · · Reply

    I love your word, and I love the idea of choosing a word. But the times I have done it, it hasn’t helped me, so I’m not doing it this year. 😉

  6. Love this and it is so applicable and simple yet challenging in the moment.

    Good luck. I will have to think of a word now too!

  7. First of all…that YouTube video had me IN TEARS LAUGHING. Good lord, Instagram is funny.

    Been thinking about this “word” business for a few days since you posted. I hate to say it, but I think my word might be RELAX (since let go is *two* words). Relax my standards, my grudges, my muscles, my panic, my mind, my heart.

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