So today marks Day 1 of my 1st attempt at the 21 Day Fix Extreme program. I need to get a post together with my measurements, goals, etc., but right now I just wanted to put it out there into the universe that I am MOTIVATED and DETERMINED. Over the weekend I skiied for nearly 5 hours two days in a row, andΒ I AM NOT SORE.2016-01-09 12.58.45You hear that? Not even a little bit sore!EXTREME FITNESS. SIMPLE EATING. SERIOUS RESULTS.

I swear to you, that is totally due to my PiYo and 21 Day Fix workouts over the past few months. Never in my life have I been able to ride nearly 10 hours in 2 days and just feel GOOD. Sure, my legs were burning after a gnarly run through the trees or something, but I feel fantastic after 10 hours on the mountain, and that’s pretty frickin’ cool.

How’s that for non-scale progress? πŸ™‚


  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    I’m obsessed with this picture. It’s so pretty and so cool! Think about how many kids go back to look for an old pic of their mom and find something like THIS? I’m proud of you. Yeah, I know exactly how weird that sounds, but whatever πŸ™‚

    1. I agree about this picture – when she posted it on FB, I gasped out loud. I love it!

  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Also, nothing could’ve hurt worse than than the end of the game yesterday. So, maybe you’re just comparing it to that πŸ˜ƒ

    1. BIAAAAATCH. Yep, I went there. πŸ˜›
      Also, I love you. Even when I hate you. πŸ˜‰

  3. Let’s kill these next several weeks! I’m not even sure how long the challenge is – HA HA! But I’m doing it, and so are you, and it’s going to be awesome!!!

  4. sangela71 · · Reply

    Awesome! Perhaps you will inspire me: I’ve been wanting to get back on track with exercise (and eating clean).

  5. riiiiiippppped πŸ™‚ I feel like we need a little private FB page to share results of our different work outs πŸ˜‰

  6. Awesome, awesome picture!!! And amazing that your physical endurance has improved so much!! Hope the 21 Day Fix Extreme kicks your ass in an incredible way!

  7. This is awesome! What a fantastic bit of #nonscaleprogress!!! Love love love this pic.

  8. Woohoo! Way to go!

    You are making me want to finally learn how to snowboard and ski! I actually started looking at resorts to take G snow tubing because of all your skiing posts. I don’t know if we’ll actually swing it this winter, but I can dream!

  9. I love this! And I am SO excited for you to try Extreme! You are going to see such crazy results from this program and your body will be challenged like never before!! Keep it up, girl!! We are on our way to looking like the hot moms we are :).

  10. ahh, that pic looks awesome! so much fun!

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