Period Underwear

Moist Panties. *shudder*  Isn’t that awful? The words? The thought of it? All of it?

It’s awful. And that’s my life since my period returned after I stopped nursing Harvey. I had 1 period in 4 years thanks to (miraculously!) gestating and nursing two babies back to back, and when it returned after those four years, it’s like it’s making up for lost time or something. I always had an easy period pre-kids… 4-5 days long, a couple days of medium flow and a couple days of spotting. No biggie. Now it’s like DAY 1 comes on and suddenly HOLY HELL I’m changing the super tampon every two hours for the next 3 days and if I’m 10 minutes late I’m screwed. Basically, I’m constantly leaking through super flow tampons and ruining underwear, which is what led me to this.

Period Underwear. Sounds a little weird, I get it, but bear with me.

2015-12-09 07.11.28

Yep, that’s my curvy midsection on the internet for all to see, just so you can see what these fantastic underwear really look like. Gotta embrace the curves God (and beer) gave me, right? 😉

They look like normal underwear (just a little thicker with a waterproof layer of course), and they work FANTASTICALLY well. I’ve only tried the “hiphugger” style (which hold up to 2 tampons worth of blood), but I freakin’ love them! I tend to wear them every other day – the first day my period is coming on, the middle flow heaviest day (with a tampon in as well – it’s just to save me from ruining regular underwear), and the final day of my period. It is SO cool. There are multiple layers built in (kind of like a diaper – ha!) so you don’t feel any wetness against your body at all, and at the end of the day you just hand rinse, wash cold, and hang them to dry. Easy. I’m definitely going to invest in the “cheeky” style for those first and last days as well, with my end goal being to own 5 pairs that I can wear each day and through that night without having to wash every night.

So what do you think? Creepy? Amazing? Somewhere in between? It’s a new period tool that you maybe didn’t even know existed! Click through my referral link if you want to buy a pair and we each get $10 of THINX cred as well – who hoo! Make sure you size up if you’re between sizes – I got larges and they fit fine, and I’m normally a medium or large depending on the underwear.

Also, every pair you buy helps a woman in Uganda who doesn’t have access to the ubiquitous tampons that American women tend to use, and that’s pretty damn cool.



  1. Huh. I had NO idea!

    Since getting my IUD, I’ve had ONE period. I freaking love this thing! If I’d get periods, I’d totally get these!

    Umm… curvy in a bad way? I think not. Your thighs are ridiculously nice!

    1. Haha, well thanks.

      Yeah, I have a non-hormonal IUD so I still get my period. At least I don’t have to deal with cramps and such really, but my flow is definitely heavier on it than I had pre-kid. This has been the perfect solution to that though!

    2. sangela71 · · Reply

      I had an IUD, too, and never had a single period during the nearly three years it was in place. I miss that. 🙁

  2. Where were these when I was in middle/high school!? My period was a lot heavier then and yeah… Leakage and not being as prepared as I should have been led to a few embarrassing experiences.

    I’m intrigued and am going to keep these in mind.

    And I second the nice thighs 🙂

    1. Right? Total game changer in high school!
      And thanks 😉

  3. Ooh nice, thanks for sharing!! And btw, you have an adorable body….looking good mama!!

  4. HS @ Our Debt Blog · · Reply

    T. M. I…. BUT nice panties 🙂 and you have perfect tummy!!!


  5. Never knew they existed…..interesting. I can’t even begin to tell you how many pairs of underwear I have ruined. You should see a $10 credit coming your way.

  6. When I saw this post show up in my feed, but didn’t have a chance to actually read it, I started RACKING* my brain trying to figure out what blogger posted about this before. I figured it out, but for a while, I thought you must be crazy and have already posted about it 🙂

    My period has always been heavier than most people, and after kids? HFS. The other blogger I read said they didn’t wear tampons with the underwear. It sounds like you do both? I’ve been wearing tampons plus pads since kids. So, tampons plus period underwear probably makes more sense.

    *I actually googled whether it was “racking” or “wracking.” Apparently, racking is correct, but wracking is so commonly-used, it’s not accepted as well! Random grammar nerd note of the day 🙂

    1. Now accepted, not “not accepted”

    2. Depends on how heavy my flow is if I wear a tampon or not. Light flow and spotting days I don’t! Pads sounds HORRIBLE. I used them postpartum and that’s it. Can’t stand them.

      Racking. Good to know.

  7. 1: Your. Body. Is. GORGEOUS. Omg. So beautiful.

    2: I’m really glad you posted about this because I’ve seen the ads and been suuuuuper curious. Much more willing to try now that someone I know and trust has had a good experience!


    p.s. Seriously. Your bod is hot.

  8. sangela71 · · Reply

    I have heard of these, and you are the second blogger I read who tried them and favorably reviewed them. My periods are not super heavy (as a previous poster commented, where were these when I was younger? my flow was sometimes out of control in my 20s, and I often feared leaks), but it would still be nice to have that extra layer of protection and to not ruin underwear I like, so I will probably try these out.

    1. sangela71 · · Reply

      Oh, and P.S. I think you look fabulous! I would give a lot to look like that in my underwear, LOL

    2. Yeah, I wear them alone (no tampon) first and last day even. I love them!

  9. I saw these and wondered…for someone like me they would be great because I don’t have super heavy flow.

    Glad you tried them first. hahahahaha

  10. moonstone106f · · Reply

    Lol, I’m also thinking these might be useful for wearing to a high-impact aerobics class! #postbabybladder!

    1. LOL, TOTALLY!!!

  11. Wow. Never heard of hese but interesting! I may give them a shot. My period is so heavy.

    I do love the diva cup btw. That might be something to check out?

    Also, you look great!

  12. Firstly, your midsection is gorgeous! No, seriously. Flawless. Id take yours over mine in a heartbeat.

    You’ve also somehow managed to make period panties not sound as disgusting as I’ve imagined them.

    Have you tried the Diva Cup? I’ve just switched over and I’d definitely say that you should give it 2-3 months before you give up on if you do decide to give it a go.

  13. These look intriguing. And you? You look fucking fantastic!

  14. lparsons15 · · Reply

    Thanks for this! I just ordered a pair! You look great!

  15. those are actually pretty cute! since having kids, i’ve been pretty much unable to wear tampons and sticking to pads for the most part. also, totally jealous of one period in 4 years. holy crap. i got my period at 7 months postpartum with both kids!

  16. Late in commenting here, but I have been in a similar boat as you since my periods restarted after C. Going through 3-5 super tampons in the first 5 hours of work make for a stressful day. I wear light green scrubs that are not designed to hide blood. I don’t always have time to get off the unit to change my “situation” and I’m flashing back to junior high when I bled through my jeans and dresses even wearing overnight pads. I’ve been wearing pads as backups, but the plastic is irritating and I end up with a chaffed groin. I’ve seen these and hesitated on purchasing them. Glad to hear they work out well for someone….May have to bite the bullet….

  17. PS….your curves are gorgeous. I don’t make a habit of checking out my friends’ bodies, but damn woman….I didn’t look that good when I was in my best shape before I had kids…..Embrace those curves…..there are a lot of us out there who are envious!

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