T – 60 Days

This morning I woke up to my phone telling me,

“60 days until Hawaii!”

SO, yeah. I suppose it is time for a progress report (or lack thereof) on my workouts and clean eating goals. Basically, my coping mechanisms suck, and I tend to deal with stress by eating and drinking too much (generally with my amazing friends, but STILL), so this past month has not been so great. Between marriage and kid and work stress up the wazoo, I have stayed pretty consistent with my workouts, but just decent with my food & alcohol choices, so though I haven’t back slid at all, I haven’t made any progress either. THAT is annoying.

However, like I posted on my Facebook page yesterday, it’s time to turn my setback into a COMEBACK.

Turn your SETBACK into a COMEBACK

With the encouragement of my own Beachbody coach, I tried a new workout program (Insanity: Asylum) through Beachbody on Demand (BOD) today just to mix things up, and it totally kicked my ass, but I also loved it! I’m still doing fantastic with my breakfast and lunch choices, and I’m working on planning ahead for dinners more consistently. Above all, I’m working on being mindful and purposeful and kind to myself on this journey. I’m not talking about not holding myself accountable, but realizing that we are all human and all working through our own challenges on our health & fitness & life journeys.

I have just 60 days — 8.5 weeks — to kick my butt into gear before I leave for Hawaii. I can do this!


  1. Yes, being human is important. I have had a HORRIBLE two weeks in regards to food, and I know it as I eat something bad. But I refuse to not live a normal life – I will eat fun stuff here and there and not punish myself for it. I can see the impact on my mid section, but I know that it will be gone very soon if I focus.

    Life is hard, marriage is hard, kids are hard, and taking care of ourselves is hard. Sometimes, poor choices bubble up to the top but then we push them back down. You’re already pushing them down!

  2. Just popping in to tell you this graphic motivated me to do H&C last night. 😁

  3. How long will you be in Hawaii for?? I’m so jealous and excited for you 🙂 🙂

    1. A full week! Sunday to Sunday

  4. Still working out every day and doing fantastic on 2/3 of your meals during a stressful time is amazing. You are so strong.

  5. I hear ya. I’ve been kind of the same. Meal prep on Sunday’s sucks but it helps a lot! Good luck getting ready for Hawaii. 🙂

  6. The asylum is the workout DH does – it’s no joke! Good luck kicking into high gear before your trip!

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