Growing Up…

Last Friday Stella had her first “twin day” at school, and she was beyond excited about it. Even though we had been talking all week about the coordination of the outfits, that morning she requested I take a picture of her from every single angle to text to her friend’s Mom to make sure the girls would match perfectly. It was pretty adorable how into it she got!

IMG_7084Harvey man is just energy at all times. At this point he’s gotten old enough that I’ll let him play in the backyard when I’m inside, but whenever I ask him to come in, he comes running. Dang if he isn’t the cutest dang kid, with or without pants.


  1. So Stinking Cute!! I can’t wait to give them hugs and kisses again!!


  2. mcmissis · · Reply

    Stella is looking OLD. And Harvey is like the epitome of cute kid-ness.


  3. Sooo adorable


  4. Ah they are both so cute!!! I’m impressed that Harvey will go inside when you ask. Andy has free-rein of our place including the terrace (closed in), but definitely likes to not do whatever I ask. Glad to see H’s hair is back on point too!! 😉


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