Prayers Please

I just glanced down at my phone at work and had a million missed text messages. Turns out one of my closest friends here had reached out to our friend group for help because she was home sick with her 2 year old and struggling. Her husband is out of town, and she is 27 weeks pregnant and having contractions every 5 minutes, so one of our friends is driving her to the hospital and another is bringing her son to my house to stay with our Nanny. Please pray that some IV fluids and rest will help keep this little baby inside for another 11-16 weeks. This is much too soon for him to be born. I’m so afraid for her and the baby.



  1. I really hope she and baby will be okay! Of course baking for several more months would be ideal, but I know lots of premies born that early that are thriving. Prayers she doesn’t have to worry about that, though.

  2. Prayers being said as we speak :(.

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    Oh no 🙁 Praying for her.

  4. I’m sorry to see this and will be sending thoughts her way. 🙁

  5. Not a great week 🙁 I hope she’s ok xx

  6. I’m thinking of your friend. There is hope even with little preemies. I always tell the story that I was born in a relatively rural hospital in 1972 when my mother was 24 weeks pregnant. Sending all my good thoughts to your friend and your community that surrounds her.


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