One Month

Wow. I just went an entire month without posting in this space. That’s by far my longest break in nearly 7 years of blogging. Things were just such a mess for awhile, and I didn’t know what I wanted to share or keep private, and once I got out of the habit of posting, I just… stopped.

I miss it though. I miss you all. So here I am. Hopefully I’m back.

The last month… man. Where to start? Topics I want to write more in depth about include:

  • My tooth!
    • 10 months later I finally got my dental implant complete for my front tooth that Harvey broke out last June. img_0101
  • Hawaii!
    • Oh my gosh you guys. Never in my life have I taken a full on girls’ trip like that, and IT.WAS.FANTASTIC. I want to go back, like yesterday. I went with a girlfriend from here (old coworker) and with an IF blogging buddy. Seriously – a random stranger I met through the internet because of infertility struggles has become one of my closest friends. I love how life work sometimes. 🙂 
  • Marriage
    • SO much better. Still slowly working our way through those books. Consciously being kinder to each other. Having sex more often. Physical intimacy is so linked to everything for us, and it was good to remember that.
  • Kids
    • Insane. Harvey finally starting saying more words, and now he has immediately made the leap to full sentences and COMMUNICATION, which is so nice. He’s also a stubborn headed terror, so there’s that.
    • Stella is sweet & kind & a rule abider, but also whiny as hell, so all day long we hear, “Moooooom, Harvey pinched me!” At least they love each other. <3 
  • House Projects
    • We poured a new front sidewalk and driveway (that Harvey of course stepped right into), picked out a new color to paint the house (I’m curious how long to paint swatches will be on our wall before we get to it), and started building the kids’ bunk beds. So much to do.
  • Stitch Fix
    • I took the pics. And then just didn’t post them. I finally walked into a TJMaxx (like 2 hrs from here) and realized how much I loved shopping there when things are CHEAP and I’m starting to feel better about my body. Shopping is so much easier when you don’t hate your body. Ha! I still love the convenience of SF, but it’s on hold for now while we spend our money on other things. 
  • Beachbody
    • I’m in week 2 of an 8 week PiYo/Running challenge again, and DAMN it feels good. I’m getting stronger and happier every day. NO joke. I love this company and their programs and what they have done for me. Being a coach helps me SO much with my own accountability. It just feels good to feel inspired by something again! 

So there ya go. I’m here. I’m busy at work and busy with life, but things are much better than they were a month ago, and for that I’m grateful. Bring on the sunshine and summer!


  1. Terrific updates!!!!! I’m so happy to Read ALL of this!!!!

  2. Aw, you sounds great! I love happy updates. That’s so cool that you went on vacay with a blogging buddy.

  3. So good to hear from you, and especially to hear that things are looking up! I was wondering how things were going, but figured you’d let us know when you were ready. I hope things continue in this vain moving forward. 🙂

  4. So happy to read all of this! Especially the marriage part! 😉

    We have been so busy lately, but I find date nights help! I am about 24 wks now so very thankful the sickness has passed for the most part and we can resume being a family again!

    Hawaii sounds amazing!

  5. I never comment but I felt that I should today. I’ve found myself checking often for a post from you and am so glad to hear that things have been going well for you. Your readers miss you!

    1. Awh, thanks Joie!

  6. mcmissis · · Reply

    Well, all those random one-off clicks on your blog this week were from me checking to see if you had finally posted again 🙂 So glad to hear you and Charlie are back to a good place again.

  7. kaseypowers · · Reply

    With IG and FB I kind of feel like I know what’s going on 🙂 But I’m glad you posted here. I’m in the same boat of struggling with what to share and what not…and I go on breaks all the time so it’s easy to just not post. Glad things are going well.

  8. I, like the others, am glad to see an update from you! So many exciting things going on. Seriously, i think those bunk beds are going to be amazing and I sort of want them for myself. Also, glad to hear the marriage is doing better – that’s so important. And I laughed out loud at the description of Harvey because that is Andy to a T. Andy still isn’t talking much though, hopefully in the coming weeks!

  9. Amanda · · Reply

    I just checked over the weekend to see if I had missed a post. Glad to hear that things are getting back on track. I think that sometimes with littles under foot and work and all other responsibilities it is easy to forget that our marriages need physical intimacy too.

  10. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Hi! I need to introduce myself. I’m Liz and I love your blog. Oh,I and your blog header. I’m an East coast girl and man am I jealous of real mountains! I don’t have a blog of my own but I love to read yours. Not sure why I never comment, probably just since I don’t have my own blog. Anyway I missed your posts while you were gone so I figured I should say so! Thanks for the life update! I’m so glad marriage things are better. And can we talk about those arms in the last picture! Bow chicka wow wow!! Keep up the hard work!

    1. I just realized I never responded to this comment. Thanks for coming out of the woodwork to say hi!

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