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I feel like all my posts are about workouts lately, but that’s what I’ve really been focusing on in my life, so it is what it is. 🙂 My friend Shannon bugged me this morning to do one of my old WWW posts, so here I am, capitulating to peer pressure. Ha!

At this point, I am 3.5 weeks into an 8 week PiYo/Running Challenge (PiYo is a pilates/yoga workout blend from Beachbody that I totally adore – ask me if you want more info about it!). When I started, I was running 11 minute miles and STRUGGLING with running even one mile without stopping. In comparison, this morning was a “short” mileage day, and I knocked out my first mile in under 9 minutes and my 2nd interval training mile in just about 10, so my average pace per mile was 9:29. That is a MASSIVE improvement in less than a month! I’m still working on increasing my mileage numbers in preparation for my half marathon in July, but I’m starting to believe I might actually get there! I ran 3.5 miles yesterday and felt freakin’ great about it. Those quiet early mornings running by myself around town are good for my soul in so many ways.


1 month from today I’m running in a 5k color run, and I realized this morning that I have zero fear about it. I could NOT have said that a month ago. About a week and a half after that I’m running a 10k, and though I’m slightly nervous about that, I will have run 8 miles at a time following my training plan by then, so I’m choosing to believe that will be no big deal either.

Listen to me – talking about running and ENJOYING it. That’s crazy talk!

This challenge I’m doing has helped me SO much. I laid out a schedule for everyone to follow that has us running Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday and doing PiYo workouts on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday (usually with my kids!), and every once in awhile I’ll do a double workout if I’m feeling it. The PiYo is helping so much with my strength and flexibility which I truly believe is hugely aiding me in my running. It’s pretty damn cool to be feeling stronger and healthier every week!

As for stats, I haven’t taken measurements yet, but I’m down 2#, which is better than nothing I suppose. 😉 I’ve basically hovered around 165# for the last year, so I’ll really need to dial in my nutrition if I want to see a change, and I know that. It’s all about choices, isn’t it? Ha! I do think I’m a more toned 165# than I was before, so that’s making me happy.

So there ya go – a quick fitness update from me. How are YOU doing with your health & fitness goals this spring?



  1. You’re doing great! I think it’s amazing how quickly we can pick up speed if we just try. I spent years cruising at 6-6.5 mph and I should have just tried harder! Lesson learned! I’m glad you’re enjoying it… That’s important!

    My spring is off to an unbelievable start, way better than I was planning. I have my second half here in a week and after the first one, which was a PR for me, I’m totally going for it! I’m sitting for 2:02:00. I never would have said that 2 months ago. I’m disappointed in myself though with strength and stretching. My place hasn’t suffered at all, in fact it’s just gotten faster, but I know those things are important. I do ab work almost daily and weights twice a week, but I’m not stretching my body. I’d like to lift three times a week and do piyo twice a week. I just love the running so dang much! I’d go every day if not for the necessary rest days before and after my long runs. I guess the bad weather is for my stretching and lifting!

    Nutrition is always the crux, isn’t it? I do not budge from 145 (every Wednesday!) and if like to get to 140, but it’s the eating. I burn 3000+ calories a week but can’t move that scale. My body fat is stable too…. So nothing is changing! Gah!

    God, I love summer and the fitness options it presents!!!

  2. Shannon C. · · Reply

    Yay! I am glad I could bug you I mean encourage you to blog! 😉 You are doing so great, Josey. I wouldn’t even look at the scale because you have so many non scale victories to celebrate right now. Your skin is glowing, you look fantastic, and most importantly I see health, happiness, and confidence in every post!

  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    I can’t believe you’re running a half in July! Your bravery and confidence are so inspiring. You look great. I love that pic of you and Charlie.

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