WWW – Ankle Issues

Well, I damn near broke my ankle last Tuesday night by twisting it (turning it over on the outside) while going up the stairs, so running and working out in general is completely on hold right now. I went from zero weight-bearing and crutches only last Wednesday to walking pretty well on it one week later, so I’m hoping the healing continues quickly…especially with my half-marathon only 6.5 weeks away. *sigh* I’m SO frustrated to have gotten out of the running & PiYo habit, but I’m trying hard to not get too off track. I think I’ll try PiYo tomorrow morning, but my flexibility is not there yet in my ankle and it’s still super tender & bruised & swollen, so I’m trying not to push it too much until it’s ready. My chiropractor told me to not even try running for another week because I could just severely hinder how quickly it heals if I try too much too soon. It’s super frustrating. Harvey agrees.



The next morning, 1 day later, 1 week later. Not a whole lot of improvement in the swelling, and yes I am in desperate need of a pedicure. I lost that 4th toenail after nearly breaking my toe the day before I left for Hawaii, and now my feet are just a mess. Dang! 


  1. Wow! Still very swollen. That’s a pretty bad injury and I’m glad you’re taking it easy. Good luck with the next week!!!


    1. Yeah, it’s definitely not healing as quickly as I’d hoped, and I *know* that breaks are often worse than sprains, but still!!


  2. moonstone106f · · Reply

    Swimming? X


    1. Can’t do that at 5:45 before my husband leaves for work 😦 closest pool is 10 miles down the road and not open that early.


  3. mcmissis · · Reply

    😦 that sucks. How frustrating to get stuck like that before your big event. But I do love that you’re posting again!


    1. Ha, I knew you’d be happy. 😉


  4. Ugh Jos I’m sorry I haven’t checked in in ages – you’ve had a rough year. 😦 I hope your ankle heals quickly. I’m really glad to hear that things with you and C are looking up. Really really sorry to hear about your coworker. xox


  5. And oh my gosh, how cute is your little guy?!?!


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