Twin Tragedy

(trigger warning)




My sister is married to a great guy who has 2 brothers and a sister. One of his brothers and his wife experienced infertility, and after a long journey and multiple IVF cycles, they now have boy/girl twins. The babies were born early (34 weeks I think?) and it was quite scary at first, but both are happy, healthy toddlers now. Their parents are actually coming to our house for a vacation with my sister & and her husband three weeks from today! Needless to say, my family and my sister’s husband’s family are close.

This past winter my BIL’s little sister “B” got married, and they immediately wanted to start a family. She got pregnant without trouble (thank the Lord, I wouldn’t wish IF on anyone), and they found out they were having twins. Everyone was ecstatic! Two sets of twin cousins, plus B’s brother’s wife was pregnant and B’s husband’s sister was pregnant so there would be lots of cousins joining the world around the same time.

Yesterday they went in for their anatomy ultrasound and found out they were having twin boys. B & her husband were over the moon that the boys looked perfectly healthy, everything was on track, and life was good.

Last night she started having contractions, and the doctors were unable to stop them. Early this morning she delivered two tiny, perfect little boys who at just 21 weeks gestation were too tiny to make it. They are in Heaven now, but they leave behind two devastated parents and their family & friends.

My heart is absolutely broken for them as they join our ALI community on this sad, sad day. Any prayers or supportive thoughts for them are much appreciated. Life is so unfair sometimes. 🙁



  1. I’m so sorry Jos. This news hits very close to home for me. Sending love and thoughts to all of you during this time.

  2. I am just devastated anytime I hear this news whether I know the people or not. So terrible. Sending love to your extended fam.

  3. I’m so so sorry for your family and their loss. So sad 🙁

  4. sangela71 · · Reply

    Aww, so sad. I am sorry for the loss of these little boys.

  5. This breaks my heart for them. This shit is so unfair

  6. :'( </3

  7. How incredibly awful. I’m so sorry, Jos. This is so terribly unfair and I’ll be thinking of you and the whole family.

  8. mcmissis · · Reply

    Oh, I am so, so sorry. I can’t even imagine. And how scary for all the rest of your expectant family members. My brother’s wife is pregnant, and one her close family friends just lost a perfectly healthy baby at 37 weeks. So, of course, my SIL is worried.

  9. My heart breaks for them…

  10. I am so sorry to read this news. I’ll never understand why someone has to go through something so tragic. Thinking of your family and everyone affected. 🙁

  11. Jo ~ No. 8 Wire Mongol Rally Team · · Reply

    That’s such sad news. I’m sorry your family is going through that 🙁

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