Summer Nights & Holiday Weekends

The Fourth of July weekend was long and short, tiring and awesome. One of my ALI blog friends came with her three kids to visit (so much fun!) from Thursday-Saturday, and my in-laws and their kids were still in town until Sunday morning, so the first couple of days were filled with lots of running around playing tourists and doing as many activities as we could in the rain.



Seriously, 3 days of rain? NOT NORMAL for where I live. We get over 300 sunny days every year – it was like my entire body was freaking out waiting for the sun to come back!

At any rate, Sunday morning we woke up and TCOB (takin’ care of business) was the name of the game. For 5 hours straight we cleaned and did house projects, and 8,000 steps later it was time to head to our best friends’ house for a holiday weekend BBQ. The rain had finally stopped and the weather was perfect to spend hours (literally – we didn’t go home until 10pm with the kids!) on the porch just drinking and talking and laughing.


Sunday was a whirlwind with my 10k (more on that tomorrow), the parade, the park, annual water fights with my brother, and feeding chickens at the local BBQ oh my. Go go go go go…

Like I said, busy but fun. 🙂 How was your holiday weekend?


  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    Wow! Lots of fun and visitors 🙂 And welcome to my world with the rain :/

  2. I’m worn out just reading all of this! We had rainy weather too, and although it was supposed to be a rain out all weekend, it ended up only raining Saturday morning, but it was cool and cloudy for two days. JJ and I went out for our anniversary and then had fun with the family at a parade and the local fireworks on the 4th. Fun you were able to squeeze in a blog visit!

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