Microblog Monday: Rafting Adventures

Last weekend we took the kids on their first overnight rafting/camping trip of the summer, and we had a total blast! There were a couple of overtired meltdowns and potty accidents and whining, but overall it really was a fantastic weekend with them! I even ran 10 miles before we left on Saturday morning, which I was pretty darn proud of myself for doing. 🙂

Our best friends came with their 13 month old & their two dogs (they also have a raft) and Charlie’s parents came with their kayaks, and the 9 of us had a great time together. The weather was perfect and the company and surroundings even better. 🙂


The only family snapshot I managed to get!


Beautiful canyon lands. You can see our friends’ boat and the kayaks in the middle of the photo.


Learning how to fish. We had lots of interesting conversations about where food came from this weekend. Bacon is from PIGS?! 🙂


The only snapshot we have of us! Harv was napping in my arms and Stella was napping in the front of the boat under blankets & towels. 🙂


The requisite selfie, cuz you know I love selfies. Haha!


  1. mcmissis · · Reply

    He selfie is my favorite pic! You look so relaxed 🙂

    1. I really was! 🙂

  2. Wow looks totally amazing – especially when I am travelling home from work on the bus in the Winter rain! Totally jealous of you doing this.

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