Day 10, #NaBloPoMo – Solitude

The past couple of weeks I have been nothing short of a wreck. My stress levels are through the roof, and thanks to that my emotions are over the top, and I have serious problems controlling them multiples times a day. After literally hanging up on a vendor and then bursting into tears at work yesterday afternoon, I knew I needed a break. I grabbed a bunch of work I could do at home, and when I walked out at 5:15 last night, I did it with zero intention of setting foot back into my office until next Monday morning.

Thursdays are the day that my mother-in-law takes the kids, so after getting Stella ready for school and Harvey ready for his Nana this morning, I settled into the chair at my kitchen table at 8am with my yoga pants on and nobody to bother me. Let me tell you, it has been bliss.

So far I’ve been working for hours in a quiet house with a Charmed marathon playing in the background and no unwanted interruptions to handle or people to talk to. Now I’m taking a quick break to write this post and do a workout, and then back to work (in my yoga pants) I go. It was exactly what I needed today. A little self-care goes a long way. <3



  1. Good for you- we all need an emotional break in the worst way right now. Glad you found some solace today.

  2. Way to go! That is a brilliant idea.

  3. That sounds like bliss. Well, not really – I suppose bliss would’ve been closing the laptop and zoning out completely to Charmed… but it still sounds wonderful. Glad you recognized what you needed and were able to do it. Self care is so important and you’ve had a doozy of a week.

  4. What a good idea..I am sorry you have had so much stress lately 🙁 I hope this day of peace and solitude has helped even in some little way.

  5. I think that wall of photos directly across from your monitor is also helping immensely! ❤

    1. Yep, looking at family always helps.

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